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- Books , Editorial Design , Typography

Catalogue: The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2018

As usual, the popular catalogue presents the results of the annual competition »The most beautiful Swiss books«, organized by the Federal Office of Culture. However, this year showcases an exception: not one, but a considerable number of 19 different editions have been published.

The designer Teo Schifferli, who is known for experimental book design such as "Lucky de Bellevue" (House of Sul, Hacienda Books, 2017), "Readymade" (Galerie Eva Presenhuber, 2017) or "Perfect Cherry Blossom" (Keiichi Tanaami / Oliver Payne, STUDIOLO / Edition Patrick Frey N ° 228, 2017) and typographic identities, made the 19 award-winning books vessels for the catalogue.

The conceptual approach of the Zurich graphic designer explores the relationship of an original with its reproduction, by reversing the connection. The catalogue was not designed as a book itself, but as a series of 19 different editions, each of which was printed by Neidhart + Schön in Zurich. In an batch of 160 each, these series reproduce the complete content of one of the award-winning books.

In a second part, the catalogue informs about the competition and its winners. Schifferli, together with Andreas Koller and Rafayel Sdanewitsch, standardized the process of reproduction by enlarging or reducing all original formats to A4 and printing them exclusively in black and white.

He also replaced the original papers with a single high-white Opak standard paper. Thanks to the minimalist, neutral Helvetica Neue, the print product appears to be an exemplary facsimile, a well-thought-out model of the original. The elaborate concept is finalized by the shipping at random - which still leaves a touch contingency beyond all that calculated design.


Published by the Federal Office of Culture.

With texts by Tan Wälchli and Joost Grootens.

Brochure, size: 21 x 29.7 cm

19 different editions, shipping at random.