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The winners of Marking Awards 2019 for packaging design

When it comes to questions of sustainability, the food industry cannot help but consider its packaging more intensively than before. This trend logically affects the associated design community, where buzzwords like #sustainability tend to have a strong appeal.

The desire to promote holistically appealing, environmentally friendly packaging has also arrived in the ranks of the competition organizers. Most recently, the top-class jury of the Marking Awards 2019 came together at the Hangzhou International Expo Center to honor the winners of their international design competition for food packaging. Despite its headquarters in China, not only local, but also global F & B design work was in focus.

ODE Fine Foods aus Griechenland

«Good packaging design can not only deliver a brand-new visual experience, but also increase product value, optimize logistics and transportation, and reduce carbon footprint in the long run,» said Brian McGuinness of Tetra Pak Greater China VP Marketing & Product Management.

The international jury distinguished between commercial, communication, functionality, originality, foresight and design, selecting 31 winning projects from experts and 6 student works.

Ladypenguin “P”Wine Tasting Set

In the process, they picked high-performance packaging design of a variety of foods, from crisp bags («Jansword Design: Pavomea Chickpea Crisp») to tea caddies («Chen Hu, Liu Haiting - Taihu University of Wuxi: Clean and indifferent tea packaging design»).

Even entire series have been mentioned, such as the Greek edition of ODE Fine Foods, which consists of high-quality honey pots and olive oils. Bottle designs were particularly popular, in form of wines, sodas and the iced tea from Sidel China, who were awarded for their sustainable solution «BoostPRIME-A patented breakthrough PET hot fill packaging solution».

Pavomea Chickpea Crisp

It is only logical that design competitions such as Marking Awards are supposed to not only fuel aesthetic innovation, but also keep an eye on sustainable environmental solutions.

The complete list of winners can be found here.

«Clean and Indifferent» tea