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Sons of Ipanema × Digital Lions

All good things come in threes – that saying is widely known. However, sheer superstition is not the only reason that the agency Sons of Ipanema goes into the charity race for the third time in a row with a noble distillate: mainly the idea and cooperation is really great!

Just in time for the pre-Christmas season, as part of its creative fundraising campaign, the Cologne-based agency is launching a high-quality, nine-year-old rum in a limited edition. The rum itself is originated in Guatemala, or more precisely at No. 9 Spirits manufacturer from Leinefelde / Worbis.

Welcome Fifty Fifty — Karibu Finje Finje

Attentive observers, design enthusiasts and fans of the project may already have noticed: this year, Sons of Ipanema has involved those creative people in the Fifty Fifty concept who benefit from all the proceeds of the project.

In the beginning, he agency worked on the appearance of this year's Fifty Fifty Rums together with 17 Learning & Digital Lions students in the desert of North Kenya, and continued to supervise the project in close cooperation between Cologne and Lodwar.

The Learning Lions in northern Kenya

Learning Lions / Digital Lions is a school and fairtrade agency based in Lodwar, Kenya, which trains its students free of charge. As subjects, they can choose between graphic design & illustration, programming, 3D and video / animation. With the newly learned skills, they have the opportunity to work jobs as an freelancers, or join the in-house agency.


This way, the young Kenyan creatives can make a living without having to leave their hometown Turkana, where opportunities for young adults are otherwise quite limited. Incidentally, the Kenya connection between the Sons of Ipanema team and the school has been going on since the beginning of the year when CEO Matthias Dunkel made his first trip to Turkana to support Lions on the ground. In September they went to Africa again, where the starting signal for Fifty Fifty 2019 fell and where after a design contest with 15 participants and participants three weeks later six final designs by the budding graphic designers Adan, Benard, John Peter, Peter, Solomon and Obadiah were designed.

Support with the favorite motive

Tappy, Apuu, Benard and Co. have presented and created six really successful bottle designs and pearl bracelets for those interested. If you would like to receive your favorite motive yourself, you can simply place an order through an order form and a convenient donation via Paypal or bank transfer.The rum comes plus a complementary bracelet - and it is recommended to be fast, so that the package makes it under the Christmas tree on time. The guideline value for the donation is at least 55 € including shipping for one bottle (500 ml / 47% vol) of the noble drop. But of course higher donations are warmly welcome!The proceeds of the entire fundraiser will be donated to all Digital Lions, and in particular the 17 creatives who worked on the Fifty Fifty Project, minus taxes and shipping. The Sons of Ipanema agency vouches for this - because they were present in Lodwar, Kenya, they are in regular contact with the Lions and make sure that 100% of the money arrives where it is supposed to arrive.


Learn more about the project.