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Galerie Kernweine magazine – 1 year

Studio Orel from Stuttgart really appeared on the radar when it was named Rookie Agency of the Year in 2018. The Art Directors Club praised the three founders Mick and Dennis Orel and Oliver Kröning for innovation in the field of advertising, acknowledging that they are constantly interlinking art with commerce. They don't identify as a classic advertising agency though, and would rather call their team a multifaceted »Communication Department« instead.

As if there were not enough to do in this respect, the Orel brothers and photographer Kröning opened Galerie Kernweine last year, indulging in young photographic art and celebrating fabulous parties in the former wine press. The subtitle »Foto und Raum« translates to »photography and space« which, on the one hand, signals the focus on young photographers, and on the other, it makes one aware of the value of a place where encounters take place and dialogues are encouraged.

For this project, the three agency founders collaborate with the building's owner Tino Kraft, who is the managing director of the painting business Helmut Schweizer. And so it happened that this empty space in the booming Tübinger Straße, formerly known for its particularly good must, is now gaining popularity through unusual photo exhibitions, a small café and an associated shop concept with high-quality coffeetable books.

After a successful first year, the gallery owners have now created a 300-something-page magazine published by "Studio Orel x GK-Publishing", which adequately reviews the exhibitions, lectures, events and workshops. Printed on Rough White paper from Metapaper, bound with Smooth Silk 325 gr paper and provided with a transparent envelope and its catchy, recognizable black dot, the catalog using Arial and Times (»are good«) is nonchalant and leaves no doubts about the gallery's coolness.

What unifies the very different photographic artists is the constant question "WHY?" which runs through the publication just as consequently as the black dot runs through the rest of the gallery's graphics. And because it identifies as a place where the most diverse people come together, exchange ideas and create new stories, it gets to the very bottom of the individual backgrounds of the photo artists.

Eddie O'Keefe

Felix Gärtner, for example, with »The Felix Gärtner color system. Powerful. Relevant. Revolutionary« created its own color scheme to help people find the right green for their first Lamborghini or a perfect brown for their wig, and humorously illustrates how exhausting and frustrating it can be to grasp the enormous wealth of color information. Ironically, he names the colours »most beautiful mosquito in the world«, »Balenciaga sneakers - up to 90% off« or »I wish there was an iphone xr in nice green tone like blue wikipedia«.

Felix Gärtner

Freelance artist and photographer Max Siedentopf - mainly one of the creative minds behind the projects of KesselsKramer, and co-founder of the Ordinary Magazine - constantly creates ideas beyond the classical design disciplines. Galerie Kernweine exhibited his photo series »Slapdash Supercars«, for which he mocked up strange cars with spoilers and scoops from cardboard boxes to pseudo-supercars at night.

The artist Maya Rochat from Switzerland, whose works have wandered from the Palais de Tokyo, through the Center Culturel Suisse (library), to the TATE Moden and the Center de la photographie Genève, mixes photography with painting in her art. »I use CILLIT BANG, spray paint, printing, finishing, image overlay, and textures distortion,« she is quoted by the catalog. »I experiment with chemicals to blur the boundaries of my paintings.«

Maya Rochat

In addition there are features such as an interview with the philosophy and business magazine agora42, or a pancake recipe that complements the article about photographer Robert Puflebs and designer Nadine Schlieper's project "Alternative Moons", or a photo spread about the theme night with the international Numéro Magazine. It becomes clear: The founders of Galerie Kernweine enjoy material versatility, graphic experiments, an ingenious balance between haptics and optics. And if you can trust their manifesto on the Studio Orel website, this quality comes from the heart.