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Ho, ho, ho – the most beautiful Christmas and New Year cards 2018/2019

Admittedly, sometimes we would rather raise turnips out in the sticks, but just before Christmas there is no better place to be than at the editorial office of novum. Towards the end of the year we always receive lots of wonderful cards and it is pure joy to see, how the themes of Christmas and New Year can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. 






There is so much creativity and craftsmanship packed into those cards, it would be a pity to keep them to ourselves. That's why we have put together a small selection of the most beautiful, unusual, elaborate and funniest cards we got. 

The favourite cards of the novum team

Hotfoil, laser-cuts and illustrations, elaborate printing techniques and luxurious papers – once again there were no limits to creativity. This year’s cards sported not only innovative concepts, but were also a feast for the eyes. 



Our heartfelt thanks to all business partners and creatives who rewarded us with their creations. We loved every single card, unfortunately we can only show a small selection. 




Be inspired … 




No Christmas without reindeers. Admittedly this is not exactly new, but the relief embossing on this card by Iggesund is a true piece of art. The depth and the elaborate details are simply stunning. 

Bob Design from London used plastic waste from the studio and the surrounding area to create a game to test your coordination skills. A great idea, but it really pushed our patience to the limits. Is there anybody out there who manage to assemble this thing?  

A lot of patience was surely also necessary to construct this pop-up card. No problem for Peter Dahmen, who's creations  are always fascinating and fun. 


»Winter tames man and beast«. Simple, but striking: kissundklein uses a Shakespeare quote to welcome the new year.


The new year will be grey? No, this was surely not what Stan Hema meant to say. We were please by the creative play with forms and shapes.

»It's a Match«, this was the motto Rose Pistola used to send out lots of sparkling ideas for 2019.

Pretty cards are meant to be seen and put up. With this creation by James Cropper this actually works and the Christmas cards turns into a decorative object.

»Knalltüte« literally means a bag that makes bang, but it is also colloquial for goofball. We did not take it personally, such a bag is a fine thing, especially when it is full of best wishes for the new year. Sometimes it's important to make a noise, says Homebase

»Beware, Fragile!« David Fischbach sent out New Years cards, handmade and limited to 80 unique copies.

This laser-cut card by Moniteurs is meant to be reassembled into a 3D object. But to be honest, we didn't have the heart to tear the card apart.

Simple ideas are often the. Reduced design, wonderful paper and an unusual format – that's all you need to create a Christmas card to remember. Designed and printed by Herrn & Frau Rio.

An embossed uncoated paper combined with shimmering hotfoil – a haptic delight made by Ulrike Zeizel

To play with haptics is also a trademark of Munich studio Zeichen & Wunder. This year verses by Marcel Proust add to the charm of the studios Christmas greetings. 

EIGA used seemingly useless things to create this year's card. Cardboard made out of straw and personalised DIY typography make for a card that stresses sustainability and partnership.


It's traditional to give people onions for Christmas – we are sure there must be a part of the world where people do that. Or maybe not. Who cares really, anything goes. And risographic printing and metallic colours always work well. Perhaps Laura Sirch and Sascha Wellm know more about the thing with the onion …  

You could batter somebody with this card, no lie! A combination of thick chipboard and hot-foil turn this card by Papyrus into a true heavyweight and set it apart from all its flimsy counterparts.  

»It's not important, if the glas is half empty or half full as long as there is wine left at all.« This is rather unusual Christmas aphorism and one is reminded of the cynical saying: I have no problem with alcohol, just without. But let's be honest, drink has saved may boring Christmas eves and it also makes the typography look so much better. Together with HBKsaar we look forward to a joyful new year. Cheers!

Letterpress and wonderful paper with an interesting touch, what else can you expect. Happy New Year to you too Basepress.

The Internationale Design Zentrum Berlin also favours risographic printing this year. A simple, but environmentally friendly printing technique that is also visually charming. 

It's 100 years of Bauhaus this year so of course we have to show at least one Bauhaus card. Together with Gutenberg Museum Hochschule Mainz has initiated the project bauhaus.kiosk. For this card Madeline Horn took inspiration from Lázlo Moholy-Nagy. 

Gruppo Cordenons presents its Christmas greetings in a very refined and elaborate way. Fine papers and foil stampings make up for a piece of paper art. Stunningly beautiful!

After Christmas most cards land in the bin. The one created by Projektil can be re-used as a carnival costume – how about dressing up as Father Christmas this year.



So much for now. We hope our little selection was inspiring and we are already looking forward to next Christmas and all the new cards that we will hopefully receive. 


All images by Miriam Zimmer