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- Illustration

People @ Home

The initiative »People @ Home« was created during the corona lockdown out of a desire to work collectively against isolation and perhaps also boredom and to do something good in the process.


Quite spontaneously, the two illustrators and graphic designers Moriz Oberberger and Philipp Polder decided to express their creativity with animated, humorous portraits, and to hand all voluntary donations over to a non-profit organization, more precisely a solidarity fund to support the WHO.

Colin Dörffler

Illustrative donation incentive

And how does the project work in practice?


»We try to raise some money for charity by offering hand-drawn animations as a donation incentive,« explains Philipp Polder. »Every donor is added to an ever-growing public list of participants and can link to their website. This way, they can discover their friend’s friends, be entertained by the animations and support a good cause at the same time«

Katharina Weber

Colorful characters

The main idea behind this project was to think about this collective experience of self-isolation and social distancing.


»We wanted to bridge this gap by creating a spontaneous community that everyone can be a part of. We hope to give all participants the opportunity to form some sort of connection to the project as well as to each other through discovery.«

The colorful characters, whose patron each donor becomes, represent the different ways of dealing with the current situation. This seems to be a challenge especially for all those whose creative profession demands that they use their own ideas and cope with their emotions.

Carlos Cipa

Entertainment instead of isolation

The »People @ Home« project is not only supposed to be a symbol for the multitude of possible reactions to the lockdown, but also inspire to get creative, to try out new design options, perspectives and iterations, and perhaps even to come back from the compulsory break refreshed. »The constant flow of new animations should entertain the people at home, as we called the project, and maybe give them a little something to look forward to,« says Moriz Oberberger.


And last but not least, supporting a good cause with a small donation is a sure way to feel a little less bleak.

Support for the WHO

In the end, the donations go to the United Nations Foundation and the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, which have set up solidarity funds to support the WHO and its partners. Mainly, their effort is about preventing the spread of the Covid 19 virus - especially where the need is greatest.

The solidarity funds make it possible, for example, to distribute important consumables and hygiene items such as protective clothing directly to health and nursing staff who are at the forefront of the fight against the consequences of the virus.

In addition, the funds are intended to help increase laboratory capacity, conduct training and improve equipment in various countries.


So far (as of April 22nd) 145 people have participated in the »People @ Home« project; more than 2000 € were able to be donated.


You can still participate at


Here you can find the project and the designers on Instagram:

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Constantin Mirbach
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