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Illustrator Katinka Reinke: Expressing Diversity

For Katinka Reinke the decision to concentrate entirely on illustration was not guided by logic, but pure intuition. And, as we can see from her fantastic portfolio of work, she did indeed make the right choice, for she now has many happy customers who want her help in sending a clear message.

Cover illustration for the Mercator foundation


Early on Katinka Reinke began to realise that her future lay somewhere in the field of art and creativity – stage design, possibly, graphic design or maybe even free art. For quite some time, however, Hamburg-born Katinka was not sure just what it would be. »In the end, on the very first day I started studying at HAW Hamburg, I decided on illustration. In fact I had applied to study communication design, but something inside me said, no, illustration fits me better,« explains the creative.

»Health at work«. Illustration for the employee magazine of Howoge


She applied herself to her studies with dedication and diligence and even followed up her undergraduate degree with a Master’s in the illustration class of Henning Wagenbreth at the UDK Berlin. Since then her editorial illustrations in particular have been very much in demand – in this area Katinka Reinke feels she can put to best use her ability to think deeply into the mater?ial. Combining a clear, minimalistic line with strong concepts, she generates focused content that is much appreciated by customers such as taz, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Die Zeit, Berlin Policy Journal, Schweiz am Sonntag and also Amnesty International and the AOK.

Illustration related to the topic »healthcare«. Client: Mercator foundation


»One of the most important things for me is the contact with the customers, and I love to work with people who have a clear message to communicate. Also, I ensure that in my images I don’t just draw the usual stereotypes, but present a diversity of people, sexes, skin colour, body types etc.,« says the illustrator.

As well as the wide range of work she does for the media sector, Katinka Reinke also makes use in her work of her second main passion – travelling: That gave rise to a series of travel posters which are now available in vari?ous online shops. The motifs from these posters also decorate a range of ?other accessories. In a minimalist way and through their delicate colours, these images awaken a yearning for far-off places: »I am very happy that people like these images. Now even big firms are knocking on my door and asking for individual motifs,« reveals Katinka Reinke. Long-term she can imagine passing on her experiences in illustration to the next generation of young illustrators. No doubt the first thing they will learn is: Trust your gut instinct!
Text: Bettina Schulz

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