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[Translate to English:] Honorary Mention Award 2016, Cat. Theme Illustration, Illustration: Hsin Tang

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Illustration in all its diversity

For the first Global Illustration Award 2016, the International Information Content Industry Association and the Frankfurt Book Fair joined forces, together with the competition organ?isers IlluSalon and six judges, to honour a language that can be understood even without words. This year the successful competition calls again for entries; the prize money will be over 20.000 Euro (Submission deadline August, 5).

Gold Award 2016 / Cat. Children's Book / Illustration: Tobias Krejtschi


Illustration is, without doubt, a powerful instrument – a single drawing can tell an entire story … regardless of language, throughout the world. The fact that a major competition has now been dedicated to this genre is therefore only to be celebrated. However, a project on such a scale demands appropriate institutions to set the ball rolling: the ICIA (International Information Content Industry Association) has its headquarters in Hong Kong and is a non-polit?ical, not-for-profit organisation active throughout the world and dedicated to protecting and highlighting rights and interests of the content industry with regard to new technologies. The concept of the first Global Illustration Award was devised together with the Frankfurt Book Fair, which, with 7100 exhibitors from more than 100 countries, is the largest of its kind in the world. The project was finally brought into being by IlluSalon, the world’s largest illustrators’ platform in China, representing more than 1000 professional illustrators from fifty countries.

Gold Award 2016 / Cat. Cover / Illustration: Jacques Maes & Lise Braekers
Gold Award 2016 / Cat. Cover / Illustration: Jacques Maes & Lise Braekers


The high number of entries in the very first event of its kind (over 10.000 entries from more than 50 countries) is certainly attributable to the unusually high cash prize. 10,000 euros were set aside for the Grand Award, 2000 euros for the Gold Awards and 1000 euros for the Excellent Awards; Submissions could be sent in under the following categories: Cover Illustration, Children’s Book Illustration, Editorial Illustration, Scientific Illustration and Theme Illustration.

Gold Award 2016 / Cat. Scientific Illustration / Illustration: Kunal Kundu


With such an enormous number of entries, sorting the wheat from the chaff was quite a laborious process – in addition to some very high quality works, there were, of course, also plenty of semi-professional illustrations. In the end, the judges were unable to select one overall winner for the Grand Award; there was no one work that stood out as best in the competition. So the sum intended for the prize will now contribute to a fund set aside for the advancement of illustrators. Prize-winners of the Gold and Excellent awards however received their prizes at last year’s Frankfurt Book Fair with appropriate ceremony and fringe events.

Gold Award 2016 / Cat. Editorial Illustration / Illustration: Véronique Joffre


The registration fee 2017 is 50 Euro. For a personal illustrator account, the participant of the account is required to pay only once. For a  publisher/agency/organization account, payment shall be made based on the number of participants it represents. The categories are book illustration, original unpublished children’s picture book project, advertising and editorial illustration, scientific illustration and theme illustration. »French – diversity and creativity« is the theme 2017 as France is Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

The Prizes for award winners are: Grand Award winner: €6000, trophy and an award certificate, Gold Award winners: € 2000, a trophy and an award certificate, Excellent Award winners: €1000, a trophy and an award certificate, Honorary Mention winners: an award certificate. Submission deadline: August, 5.

You will find the complete informations about the terms and conditions for the Global Illustration Award 2017 here:

Gold Award 2016 / Cat. Theme Illustration / Illustration: Tobias Krejtschi