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Toko: Rather sophisticated

The Toko is considered to be one of Sydney’s best Japanese restaurants. When a branch was to be opened in Dubai, it was the task of BrightHead Studio to create a visual identity which reconciled Japanese culture with the new location.



The Dubai Toko is just a few steps from the Burj Khalifa, the world’s highest building, in the impressive Hotel Vida Downtown. Nevertheless, the atmosphere inside the restaurant is cosy and welcoming, and guests can feel at ease on a spacious terrace, in a lounge area and a garden designed by architect Mathew Darvon in the same style as that of the Sydney Toko. Both restaurants therefore share a common aesthetic, although the Dubai location is slightly more luxurious in overall style.


The concept behind the restaurant and the CI were created by Yekaterinburg-based BrightHead Studio. It was the objective of the Russian designers to highlight the status of the location without a hint of pomposity. »We wanted to create a cultivated look and feel« they say, »which was at the same time friendly and distinctive.« So the team steeped themselves in Japanese culture and researched old paintings and contemporary art – always on the lookout for the »golden section«, that perfect mix of tradition and modern style.



It was in the old technique of marbling that the designers found a fitting medium and developed patterns and unique textures with which to embellish the entire visual identity. Japan’s contem?por?ary subculture inspired them with vivid, vibrant colours, golden accents highlighting the prestige of the restaurant and, at the same time, forming delightful contrasts. The Toko Dubai’s visual identity bears traces of many cultures, echoing the restaurant’s own cuisine, in a fascinating reinterpretation of familiar ingredients.
This article was first published in novum 03.18 (novum+ »Gold«). Single copies are available:
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