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Porto Design Biennale

- Editorial Design , Graphic Design , Photography

Porto Design Biennale

Post Millenial Tension: The first edition of the Portuguese Design Bienniale will take place from 19 September to 8 December 2019 between the cities of Porto and Matosinhos. Visitors are confronted with the tensions of the new millennium and are encouraged to reflect on the new millennium and the importance of design in an ever-changing world. In addition to exhibitions in both cities, the program also includes workshops, performances, installations and talks.

The professor and design critic José Bártolo could be won over as the curator. He is the lead curator of Casa do Design in Matosinhos. José Bártolo was commissioner of the Portuguese Pavilion at the XXI Triennale Milano (Italy, 2016) and curator of the exhibition "Duets" at the Beijing World Art Museum (China, 2014).

Riace, the Italian Village abandoned, 2016, photo by Francesco Pistilli

»Post Millenium Tension«

In this first year, the protagonist is Italy, which means a special focus on Italian designers and artists.

The title "Post Millennium Tension" summarizes what changes have significantly shifted the state of the world compared to the previous century. These ongoing transformations are not only politically profound, they also affect production and consumption. The communications industry, which was originally created for commitment and knowledge transfer, is strongly involved in this social change, also because it has recently allowed more and more digital conflicts and online confrontations.

Millennials — New Millennium Design

Now that we can do anything, what will we do?

Above the program of the Biennale stands a quote by Canadian designer Bruce Mau who at the beginning of the 21st century voiced the following question: »Now that we can do anything, what will we do?« In the context of constantly surpassing technologies, that on the one hand seem exalting to us as progressive, aspiring clients, on the other hand worry us as fathers, mothers, citizens, too. A perpetual dialogue seems more important than ever before.

The Design Biennale Porto proposes not only to identify problems, but to devise artistic, creative solutions, and to keep an eye on the entire field of tension: »How is design influenced by the context of these technological challenges? How do design practice and theory react to this combination of change and conflict? How appropriate are research and teaching in design? How is the discipline of design followed up and what realizable utopias are projected today in search of a better world?«

A special focus is on the »Millennials - New Millennium Design« exhibition, which explores the designs and work processes of millennial designers (born in the 1980s and 1990s) and thinks about what distinguishes and differentiates a generation of designers who are trained and connected by an astranged labor market. The had to get used to ever evolving and changing circumstances, characterized by the power of the Web 3.0, by neo-liberal political rhetoric, but also by critical thinking and collective action.

Porto Design Biennale

The Design Biennale Porto as a Hub for Design Thinking

Perhaps Design Thinking has never been so focused on identity issues over the last 20 years as it does today, requiring a radical, radical reconfiguration of values. It is all the more important that many different disciplines participate in the discussion about desgin strategies and their future.

As another quote by author Bruce Mau puts it: »When everything is connected to everything else, for better or worse, everything matters.«




More information about directions, accommodation, schedules and program on the Website of Porto Design Biennale