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Exhibition: Poetic Boom Boom

Gallerie delle Prigioni (Trevino) announces its third exhibition Poetic Boom Boom as part of the continued research and interpretation of the Imago Mundi project. The exhibition will be on display until April, 7 and here are some impressions …

Cover »Visual Poetry« (Luciano Benetton)


The exhibition »Poectic Boom Boom« focuses on visual poetry and is linked to the Imago Mundi collection Visual Poetry in Europe by Luciano Benetton that consists of 210 artworks. This unique collection is the first to be structured not only along a geographical mapping of art but also thematically, focusing on the historical movement visual poetry: a hybrid of art and communication.


As a revolutionary art form that began in the 1950s as part of the European Neo-avant-garde movement, visual poetry overcame its oral dimension to acquire also a visual aspect. A word is transformed into an art object, and consequently, poetry is to be both read and viewed. By appropriating the expressive means of advertising and communication, the work of visual poets is critical to mass culture in how it showcases major social and political issues.

Eugenio Miccini: »La creazione a compiuta«


Additionally, the exhibition includes magazines such as the first series of Lotta Poetica (1971-1975), a tool for the international expression of visual poetry, artist’s books and interviews. In the documentary »Poesia in carne e ossa« – made especially for this exhibition – we listen to the voices of Julien Blaine, Giovanni Fontana and Sarenco who describe their relationship to the movement, the liberating power of art, and the crossovers in sound poetry and performance. The second floor of Gallerie delle Prigioni hosts a space dedicated to the consultation of books and other artistic publications. The exhibition is accompanied by collateral events including screenings, talks, educational programs and guided tours.

Jean-François Bory: »E«