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novum editorial: Time to say goodbye



In this issue my editorial is rather more personal: After 25 years of novum, eighteen of them as editor-in-chief, I am now branching out in new directions. It has been an amazingly intensive time, during which I benefited from so many enriching encounters and delved deep into a cosmos that shapes and forms the lives of all of us, one that plays a key part in driving innov?ations. Exploring the new developments in graphic design in all its facets, putting this into context for our readers and selecting the most exciting ideas and approaches each month, has been a wonderful and fulfilling task over many years. But beyond that it has filled me with pride and humility to guide a maga?zine with such a long and illustrious history through the stormy digital age, and to continue the legacy of the founder H. K. Frenzel, carefully adapting to change and also reviving almost forgotten values such as the presentation of the possibilities of print.

At this point I would of course like to thank first of all you, dear Readers: For your shared love of novum, of what we produced each month, and for your letters and emails – each and every communication was important to me and it gave me new impetus. A heartfelt thanks goes also to the many tremendous experts in the paper and print industry without whom I would not be able to look back on so many sophisticated, cleverly produced and impressive print copies: Integrating the many and diverse possibilities of the haptic experience into the DNA of novum and, as a logical consequence of this, co-developing the Creative Paper Conference have been very close to my heart. Producing these issues has been an exciting process, and could not have been realised without great mutual respect, understanding and cooperation, as well as passionate commitment to the concept.

I also look back with pride to our grand relaunch of 2012 – it is always a risk to turn everything over and to take a critical look at oneself. The sensitive work of Melville, however, made it easy for me to hand over the sceptre, but more than that, re-modelling the face of novum was an exciting and rewarding process.

I would also like to thank our correspondents and long-standing authors, our translators, our proofreader and, last but not least, past team members and the excellent interns over the years – it takes many hard-working and committed cogs to drive a successful print product and shape the soul of a magazine. »We are born to work together« said Marc Aurel, and even in the age of AI, this will remain true.

Of course, I will be keeping faith with our sector, and would be pleased to remain in contact – with you, too – via Facebook, Linkedin or e-mail (I’m still available for a while via the e-mail address above). Now, however, I am passing the helm over to my colleague Christine Moosmann – together with our Art Director Tobias Holzmann and Christian Meier we were a great team: It was wonderful working with you, developing new ideas and implementing them!

Not mentioned by name here, but certainly not forgotten, are the many people who have influenced me personally and my work, who gave me ?inspir?ation and expanded my horizon. For it is a feature of our sector that a single expressed thought can develop into something new and fantastic in the im??agination of others. Creativity is probably the most beautiful snowball ?system in the world – I was always able to rely on this and I wish you all lots more of these thrilling ideas avalanches.
So, for the last time in this role, I send you my even more heartfelt greetings, Bettina Schulz


This article was first published in novum 09.19 – single copies are available here