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Edwin Wiekens

- Graphic Design , Illustration , Typography

Graphic Matters

Fun fact: The name »Breda« is derived from the geographical fact that, within this Dutch community, the rivers Mark and Aa of Weerijs unite. Brede Aa - »broad Aa« - is the name of the place, because the river widens. The region also connects the most important trade route between Antwerp and Rotterdam. All things considered one could say, literally and metaphorically, that this place has a good flow.


The purpose of Graphic Matters festival also evolves from a stream. The stream of information, to be exact. (Even though information sometimes rather feels more like a flood that a river.)

Jorgen Janssens
Jorgen Janssens

Do Graphics really matter?

The biennale, international festival takes place in a variety of vibrant venues and is dedicated to graphic design in all its facets: how important design is, how it affects our daily lives, and where we still need to make adjustments.

Anyone who has been involved in this industry for some time, might know the feeling of sometimes losing track of everything, and needing a motivation boost. One that reminds you that graphic design should primarily help to eliminate chaos, give an overview of complex issues or express our emotions.

Rob Lipsius
Jorgen Janssens

Innovative data visualization, infographics and cartography

The seventh edition of Graphic Matters is currently taking place in and around the Stokvishallen in Breda until October 27th. A special highlight here is an elaborate exhibition on the subject of information design, which shows the technical achievements and highlights of the last hundred years.

Also, the program includes other exhibitions, several workshops, talks, shows and events. The entire schedule is aimed to not only appeal to designers, but to whoever is curious about information of all kinds. Whether for journalists, analysts, scientists, statisticians or marketing specialists - knowledge of innovative data visualization, infographics or cartography is becoming more and more important.

Edwin Wiekens
Edwin Wiekens

From typography to urban art

The Graphic Matters team describes its aim as a mission to communicate the meaning of graphic design in society. »Graphic Matters«, in the sense of a noun and also of a verb. Graphic design makes a difference, especially when you look at the effects in public space. That is why protagonists from different backgrounds have been invited to attend or whose works were exhibited: works by early Piktogram inventor Gerd Arntz or by »the father of infographic« Fritz Kahn, by information designer Stefanie Posavec and Pentagram partner Giorgia Lupi.


The renowned graphic artist, painter and museum director Wim Crouwel was also invited, but sadly, the Dutch design legend passed away recently. Nonetheless, his work is given special attention.

Edwin Wiekens
Edwin Wiekens

Information: Superpower

All information about the festival, the arrival, the program and the organizers here.


The website of the Graphic Matters founder Dennis Elbers.


Stedelijk Museum / Amsterdam, where Wim Crouwel's work is exhibited right now.