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Poland. Design: Filip Tofil

- Graphic Design

FOOTB-ALL MIX: An international poster project

When the beautiful game meets posters, then you know you are in for some excitement. Felipe Taborda and Susana Machicao devised a poster celebration of the World Cup in Russia. We talked to designer Felipe Taborda about it.


Felipe, football and design – quite a good fit, isn’t it?

Indeed. The great thing about football is that it doesn’t matter what your religion is, your citizenship, your age, your looks, your gender, your politics, your philosophy, etc., etc. This is a game that brings everybody together. I look at the game itself, and not Fifa, the money involved, nor the internal politics. And football as a game is a wonderful thing. Adding design to it is trying to achieve graphically the spirit of this game.

Designers: Hernán Berdichevsky for Argentina, Ken Kato for Australia, Meehdi Saeedi for Iran


How did this unusual poster project come about?

In fact I tried to do this project when the World Cup was held in Brazil, back in 2014. I didn’t succeed: no interest, no money, no support, you name it … This time I joined forces with Susana Machicao, Director of the Bolivia International Poster Biennale (, and we used our know?ledge and contacts all over the world to make this project a reality. And we succeeded!

Designers: Fernando Pimenta for Brazil, José Alberto Hernández for Costa Rica, Shino Suefusa for Japan


According to what criteria did you select the designers from the various countries?

The 32 countries are the ones who qualified for the World Cup in Russia. Then we made a list of some of the best graphic designers from each country. And finally we invited a designer from each country to design a poster, expressing the joy of the game and the passion for football. That’s what we wanted in our project. Football is a passion for so many people around the world. We didn’t want politics, criticism, etc. We wanted to have the love for it.

Designers: Amr Shaalan for Egypt, Peret for Spain, Matthieu Gorissen for Belgium


Are you happy with the results? There was an amazing variety among the designs submitted …

In fact it shows the cultural differences between all of these 32 countries. The complete collection is a great achievement, and the possibility of having this poster exhibition opening on the same day in most of these countries is quite exciting. Susana and I are very happy with the result and the continuous support we had from all of the invited designers. We are very grateful to them.

Designers: Diego Bermúdez for Colombia, Alejandro Magallanes for Mexico, Boris Ljubicic for Croatia


And finally: Your tip for the World Cup winner?

In the final Brazil will beat Germany 7 to 1 (joking …) [Editor's note: The tip was of course placed before the World Cup opening]

Designers: Gitte Kath for Denmark, Adali Faiçal for Morocco, Fidel Sclavo for Uruguay


This interview was first published in our novum issue 08.18 (novum+: poster design). Single copies are available:

Designers: Neville Brody for England, Gábor Palotai for Sweden, Lemi Ghariokwu for Nigeria
Designers: Hatem Chelbi for Tunisia, Vladimir Chaika for Russia, Mariana Núñez Haugland for Panama
Designers: Ahn Sang-Soo for South Korea, Ken Cato for Australia, Siggi Odds for Iceland