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- Corporate Design , Packaging

Stirring, stimulating and sustainable

For the past few years, cold brew has been one of coffee culture’s »in« alternatives: coarse-ground coffee beans are steeped in water at room tempera?ture and allowed to stand for up to 24 hours. Although the taste of this brew is famously a matter of debate, all will be delighted with the refreshing new visual identity of traditional coffee roasters J. Hornig …


The seven-strong team at Branded have created not only just the right packaging for this product line, but a whole new look. »It was important to our client that the new beverage should slot in visually with the existing coffee range, but should nevertheless make its own clear statement – Cold Brew isn’t iced coffee! ›Cold Brew is more than just cold coffee‹«, says Patrick Musil, co-founder of this Graz-based studio with two further offices in Vienna and Capetown. Branded thinks of itself more as a design collective, within which everyone has their own personal space to operate.


J. Hornig’s cold brew, right from the start, demanded some serious? consideration as the food market is well known for being subject to a large number of rules and regulations. To protect the contents and also keep a close association with the product, ?the team went for black, opaque bottles. »For a perfect finish, we chose ceramic printing in white. In this way, rich contrasts could be created without the need for additional plastic for labels.« This aspect must have pleased their client too. After all, J. Hornig – and indeed Branded – have long insisted on sustainable packaging production.


But going completely minimal was not quite right either. Although it’s the top cold brew player on the Austrian coffee market, the product does still need a little explan?ation. »We worked on storytelling on the back with neatly positioned texts and icons developed for the product clearly communicating special characteristics, origins and consumption recommendations,« explained Musil who likes, every so often, to switch desks between Graz, Cape Town and Hamburg. The new identity which emerged was uncluttered throughout, presenting this new way of enjoying coffee in a modern, »clean« style. »We like to challenge entrenched processes and structures with all our projects,« says Patrick Musil. He is convinced that »the designer has a valuable contribution to make to sustainability – in a consultative, ethical and guiding capacity.« This eco-conscious approach is highly appropriate for a product as natural as coffee …

This article was first published in novum 07.18 (novum+ »Tea & Coffee«). Single copies are available: