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Fostering small sports brands

Although the brand and design agency is a specialist in corporate design, it constantly launches further projects that break out of the usual circle of clients such as Douglas, Mercedes Benz, Guhl or Weleda. Most recently, a team led by design director Sven Franke dealt with the boom of sports and sportswear, and worked out what customers in Germany really care about brands.

An insightful sports study by the Peter Schmidt Group

The result was a comprehensive Brand Fitness Guide, which aims to provide the respective brands and their designers with valuable factual knowledge. The central motives are to understand: »What does sport mean? Is it a special lifestyle, an adventure full of energy, or maybe the eternal fight with the inner bastard? "

To find out where potential is slumbering for smaller sports brands, an online survey was conducted for which amateur athletes answered a total of 42 explicit and implicit questions about their personal sports behavior, sports and brand preferences, and attitudes to sportswear, design and sports brands.

How can small sports brands keep up with the market leaders?

The detailed survey made it clear that - despite numerous well-established sports brands - more than half of German athletes do not own a favorite brand. Here, the Peter Schmidt Group sees a great opportunity for smaller companies and start-ups to win new customers in an innovative way.

In addition, the survey reveals the criteria by which athletes choose a product or a service: this can help brand owners to differentiate themselves from their competitors by making small improvements to their design, performance, course offerings or communication brands.

Adventure instead of exclusivity, activity instead of extravagance

The athletes' answers show that for most people, sport is mainly about adventure, activity and fun. Sports are almost never synonymous with an extravagant or exclusive lifestyle. The study by the Peter Schmidt Group concludes that sports brands can be all the more successful if they communicate performance, challenge and strength rather than exclusivity.

Functionality has the highest priority, but design decides the favorite brand

Anyone who likes to do sports often knows about the benefits of comfortable, reliable functional clothing. According to the survey, functionality plays a very important role for a whopping 90 percent. The study also provides answers on how important attributes such as performance and design are when buying.As is apparent, the image seems to be closely linked to »fan building«: 65% would even pay more for the same quality. Sven Franke explains: »Performance is the must for sports products. The design decides to a significant extent on whether it becomes the favorite brand. «


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