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House Plant Club

Sometimes small, but important details get lost in German title translations. Although "Green love: How plants make you happy" is already a very promising title, "How to raise a plant and make it love you back" is a little more exact to what the authors Morgan Doane and Erin Harding wanted to express with their book. Meaning, that houseplants are far more than just a little green flair for the bedroom, but living things that have been given a whole new lifestyle aspect by Instagram & Co.

© Morgan Doane und Erin Harding für Laurence King Verlag

Particularly urban hipsters, to whom sustainability is just as important as a solid internet connection, have adopted the plant lifestyle. They stage them in hanging baskets, greenhouses and baskets on the social media, which is also how the two authors met: through a kind of online long-distance relationship between Florida and Oregon. They decided to co-host the account @houseplantclub, which now has nearly 600,000 subscribers.

© Jackie Tsang

So why turn such a successful, visually appealing online account into a book?
Because here, of course, much more profound content is possible. And so Doane and Harding have created a detailed guide that describes precise practical tips, enriched by all sorts of usable background knowledge. They want readers to understand that repotting, propagation and plantsitting during the holidays is not rocket science, and not even time consuming. With advice on fertilizing, building solid plant stands, the right containers and automatic irrigation, the book makes for entertaining, informative reading pleasure.

Concerning its graphic design, it makes a lot of sense, that its looks are based on the Instagram posts and bright, pastel-colored appearance. Glass terrariums with their self-contained ecosystems, crocheted vintage plant hangers or minimalist perforated plates with test tubes do the rest for the sizable layout.

Involved in the plant book, were some equally pretty Instagram accounts that make you want to have green fingers, and certainly not save on the gardening lushness


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House Plant Club

© Barbara Dietl für Laurence King Verlag

Grüne Liebe

Morgan Doane and Erin Harding (authors), Bettina Eschenhagen (translator) Release date June 28, 2019 Laurence King Verlag € 15.90 112 pages Size: 160 x 205 mm ISBN: 978-3-96244-085-5 Language: German 165 colored illustrations



© Barbara Dietl für Laurence King Verlag