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[] A Map of the World – Gestalten [] A Map of the World – Gestalten

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A Map of the World

Antonis Antoniou, who was born and raised in Cyprus, has been interested in the interplay of colors and shapes since childhood. The trained architect has proven this with »A Map of the World«, a passionate collection of maps and lists. The impressive collection of contemporary illustrative cartography has now been published in a revised and expanded edition by Gestalten.

Cover »A Map of the World« (Gestalten)
Cover »A Map of the World« (Gestalten)

Classic cartography to humorous illustration

For many centuries, people used the means of cartography to describe their surroundings. With their help, they were able to capture all the details - from the next street to the whole world - for themselves and for posterity.

The importance of historical cartography only seems secondary in the age of satellite navigation systems and Google Maps, but the personal interpretation of all these locations has become much more relevant.


On the one hand, maps are used to illustrate the spatial patterns, with all respective distances, dimensions and topographies. On the other hand, maps can also serve as projection screens for a variety of display formats such as illustration, data visualization, and visual storytelling. The tourism industry and other commercial actors also use contemporary, personal map designs to present specific regions with their particular features or to characterize the local scene. In this way, moods are created and stories are told that go beyond mere navigation.

A Map of the World – Gestalten
»A Map of the World« (Gestalten)

Maps from all over the world

A new generation of designers, illustrators and map makers are currently discovering their passion for various forms of illustrative cartography - there are equally accurate and surprisingly detailed representations, but also personal, naive and modernist interpretations.

Whether digital or analog, meticulously elaborated or purely illustrative maps: They help us understand the world. This book contains the most original and sought-after map illustrators whose work corresponds to the zeitgeist. The updated edition also shows more than 25 new maps from designers and illustrators from around the world who have discovered their passion for illustrative cartography. From classic maps to cartographic experiments to humorous illustrations of cityscapes and personal interpretations of the world - »A Map of the World invites« with over 200 hand-drawn or digitally created maps to a different journey around the world.

A Map of the World – Gestalten
»Map of the World« (Gestalten)

A Map of the World

The World According to Illustrators and Storytellers


Editing: design & Antonis Antoniou

Features: full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 256 pages

Format: 24.5 × 33 cm, 9 × 13 inches

Price: € 39.90 (D) £ 35 $ 60 (US)

ISBN: 978-3-89955-881-4