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Real hand-craft


Risography  is a fascinating printing process that has its very own unique aesthetic. For our April issue students at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster designed 14 illustrations that interpret the theme of »hand-made« in different ways. They came up with some great ideas and free associations, and then their designs were implemented using the technique of risography.


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7 risographic prints, signed and numbered. Artist: Judith Becker, Wolfgang Hausleithner, Felix Hetscher, Ana Rodrigues, Christina Wiesen, Vincent Will, Christina Zhu

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Judith Becker, Wolfgang Hausleithner

The risographic prints are a pleasure to watch, but it is also interesting to know the story behind the illustrations …


Judith Becker 

Painting as a traditional craft involves lots of paint splodges, passion and imagination, and the subjective perception of the observer is often a part of the image. Just which head the painter gets is up to each person to decide for him/herself.


Wolfgang Hausleithner

Ask a machine to do something hand-made. It unpacks its hands and tries to make folded paper boats. But it fails. And it continues to fail, no matter how many times it tries.

Felix Hetscher, Ana Rodrigues

Felix Hetscher

We can create the most amazing creatures and things and while we work we can already see the result in our inner eye. Supposed faults are not a failure to achieve an ideal, instead they document the creation process.


Ana Rodrigues

Not just people, some animals, too, are real experts at the hand-made. Further inspiration came from a figure from Greek mythology – the talented weaver Arachne, who dared to tackled the goddess Athene and as punishment was transformed into a spider’s web.

Christina Wiesen, Vincent Will, Christina Zhu

Christina Wiesen

I wanted to capture the moment of concentrated working in a calm image. Everyone who has ever made something by hand knows that feeling of being so completely absorbed in a project that you lose track of time, and of not giving up when something goes wrong, but pursuing it to the end. Because the path is the goal.


Vincent Will

The thing that is so special about the hand-made is not the quality but the work that goes into it. Without a few imperfections it loses its charm, even though sometimes that doesn´t seem so practical.


Christina Zhu

The term »hand-made« is associated with a unique and very individual piece of work made with great care. In fact many products are hand-made that you would not describe as »hand-crafted« – for example clothing that is sewn in enormous quantities by people.


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