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Real hand-craft


Risography  is a fascinating printing process that has its very own unique aesthetic. For our April issue students at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster designed 14 illustrations that interpret the theme of »hand-made« in different ways. They came up with some great ideas and free associations, and then their designs were implemented using the technique of risography.



Package 1 

7 risographic prints, signed and numbered. Artist: Clara Chowanietz, Sascha Düvel, Hannah Feldbusch, Janine Kruse, Anna Lienemann, Stephanie Marian, Greta Wagener

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Clara Chowanietz, Sascha Düvel

The risographic prints are a pleasure to watch, but it is also interesting to know the story behind the illustrations …


Clara Chowanietz       

M. has very small skilled hands and that’s good for sewing. M.’s siblings also all work with their hands. And that brings money in – and is therefore better than going to school…



Sascha Düvel 

Hand-craft means: »Work that is done by hand and not by machines.« How nice that there is a tug-of-war that can´t do with digital media. Put your smartphone down and touch something else, so that it can touch you.

Hannah Feldbusch, Janine Kruse

Hannah Feldbusch

This little bird works in a craft trade. A short story, told with a wink and full of admiration for the delicate craft of watch and clock-making.


Janine Kruse

Woodcut  is an ancient technique that today is not as common as in the days of our grandparents. With my illustration I wanted therefore to remind us of a traditional craft skill made with natural materials. Perhaps it can inspire you to try it out for yourself.

Anna Lienemann, Stephanie Marian, Greta Wagner

Anna Lienemann

My illustration is concerned with the individual thought process that happens before and during the production of a piece of handcrafted work. With each project you have to keep pausing to give the idea time and space to develop. So, here it’s about the »heart-made« in the »hand-made«.


Stephanie Marian 

Creative work needs its space and it is important that it offers atmosphere. In this place materials, passions and skills blend with the demands of life. A carefully set up workplace emphasises the love of creative processes and sets the spirit free.


Greta Wagener

My illustration shows a woman knitting a pair of socks but also in the process passionately enmeshing her family entirely in a long scarf. Here I wanted to show the feeling of being looked after and protected that people wear clothes that have been made with much love and care.


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