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We’ve all seen them – the now legendary Donald Trump covers by Edel Rodriguez. They are an extreme example, but they show very well just how much power editorial illustration can wield. In this issue we not only talk to Edel Rodriguez but present a range of other noteworthy illustrators whose drawings are opening up brand new worlds.

We also talked to Dutch design legend Gert Dumbar and feature numerous great studios from around the world. Plus there´s our annual Christmas draw, with many attractive design prizes to win.


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Illustrations can be attractive decoration, but they can also offer a completely different way of interpreting a text, tapping into further aspects and opening up new levels of meaning for the reader. Editorial illustration can do all of that, while also spanning an amazing variety of styles.


In our novum+ section we bring you the delicate artistic touch of Paula Troxler’s work, and the »hidden-object«-like illustrations of Yann Bastard. Mario Wagner demonstrates his skills in creating atmosphere and compressing information in a sober style reminiscent of infographics. In an interview Martin Fengel explains talks about the challenge of coming up with new visual images for a weekly column, Emily Haasch delights with intriguing collages and Simon Landrein walks the line between retro and lowbrow. Bold and mysterious compositions are Simon Landrein’s strength. And, last but not least, we present Edel Rodriguez, who achieved world fame with his cover illustrations of Donald Trump.

After all those powerful illustrations, we turn of course to graphic design. In a conversation with Niels Schrader, Gert Dumbar looks back on his eventful life and reveals what one of Holland´s most influential designers expects from the future. From bases in Paris and Tel Aviv, the Daidt studio combine technology, philosophy and design in an attractive whole and Work in Progress of Oslo impresses with sophisticated CIs. Then, from half way around the world, the multidisciplinary team at Muuaaa shows that creativity is in the air in sunny Puerto Rico.

The cover

Unusually for novum, this cover was produced without any special finishes at all. For the paper we chose Tintoretto Ceylon from Fedrigoni, for its fineness and subtlety combined with a special character. It harmonises perfectly with the motif, created by French designer Thomas Danthony to interpret this month´s focus on editorial illustration and at the same time to demonstrate how illustration can play with different levels of interpretation.


A well chosen paper and a strong motif – sometimes you don´t need much more to create a good cover…



Paula Troxler (SWI)
Mario Wagner (GER)
Martin Fengel (GER)
Yann Bastard (FRA)
Emily Haasch (USA)
Thomas Danthony (ESP)
Simon Landrein (FRA)
Edel Rodriguez (USA)



Gert Dumbar (NLD)
Daitd (FRA, ISR)
Work in Progress (NOR)


The cover 

Design: Thomas Danthony,
Paper: Tintoretto Ceylon, Zenzero, 250 g/qm, Fedrigoni
Offset printing: f&w
Photos: Tobias Holzmann, Miriam Zimmer