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A soft spot for all things paper


There´s no denying we are passionate about paper. And when it comes to »creative paper« then our imaginations start to run riot. There are just so many aspects to cover with this fascinating material: be it unusual visual treatments or surface finishes, all kinds of conceptual approaches, and even the smell of different kinds of paper. Whenever we choose creative paper as our featured topic, we know it will be a tough job to select just which projects and studios to present.

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From imaginative to floral

Because paper offers up so many diverse aspects, we have put together a colourful bouquet for you in our novum+ section this month. Correspondent Katja Knahn explores the theme of packaging from the point of view of sustainability, writing informatively and humorously about intelligent packaging design and transparent communication. With Outer Space Press our editor-in-chief Christine Moosmann presents a Berlin workshop which sees itself as a hybrid, involved in book design, printing, publishing and bookbinding. In the portraits on the British artist duo Camille & Mariana, on the Israeli graphic designer Merav Peleg and the Danish-American jewellery designer Vicky Zoé, you are introduced to four women who all have an exceptional talent for creating delicate, imaginative and spectacular constructions in paper, giving paper a brand new dimension. Also featured are unusual projects in packaging design – from Norwegian chocolate boxes and the »Experience Box« from Eberl Print through to floral New Year´s greetings from Hong Kong...

In the Showroom section, we take you to Croatia, to the studio of Vanja Cuculić, who adheres to a 50/50 working philosophy, i.e. half to pay the bills, the other half for the soul. And in New York we meet Austrian designer Stefanie Brückler, and Studio Ahoy, run by Connie Koch and Aline Ozkan. Their take-away from the Corona crisis is that it shows just how flexible and adaptable the design sector is.

The cover

This issue should in fact have been appearing at the same time as the Creative Paper Conference, as a demonstration of the communicative power of print, finishing and fine papers. Because of Corona, we sadly had to cancel that event, so we lavished even more attention on the cover of the November issue.

Together with our partners we eagerly rolled up our sleeves and produced something special: the paper we chose is Stardream Rosequarz from Igepa, whose wonderful quality lends itself perfectly to finishing that really pulls out all the stops. On the outer envelope the hot foil Luxor 396 Orange from Kurz sets up a charming contrast to the delicately shimmering pink of the paper, on the inside cover pages we used a rich green (Luxor 390). But why stop when you are enjoying yourself? As well as foil finishing, we also used embossing and stamping. The artistic interplay between raised and recessed elements is all down to the skills of the experts at effektiv Druck+Veredelung.

The cover of the November issue features some rather unusual combinations, but, as we all know, opposites attract!

The content