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novum cover 10.16 digital analog photosensitive ink

Only here and now


In our current issue everything centers around the digital and the analog. We present projects which question this dichotomy in an intelligent and surprising way and show new concepts and ideas. Our cover also exists in a digital and an analog version – get your mobile phone ready … 

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novum 10.16 digital analog
novum cover 10.16 digital analog photosensitive ink

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In our novum+ Brendan Dawes invents analog devices to deal with the mass of emails we receive and Thomas Wirtz creates analog letterforms that come to life digitally. The Dutch Studio Clever°Franke specializes in complex data visualizations and the print magazine Offscreen portraits people whose lives center around bits and bites. 


These and many other interesting stories await our readers in our new issue. In our showroom section we present Casiegraphics from Germany, Bond agency from Finnland, branding specialists OfficeMilano from Italy as well as La Tortillería from Mexico. Poetical illustrations are Lehel Kovács specialty and we conducted a long interview with design legend George Tscherny from the US.

One cover – two worlds

The cover of this issue has a digital and an analog side too. We used a photosensitive ink called Magic Flash, which can be activated by a flashlight. Special particles reflect the light and project a new image onto your photo. Just take a photo with your mobile phone to see the »hidden« message.


The cover design was done by Autobahn and the Dutch designers say: »There shouldn't be a discussion about what is more relevant, digital or analog. Both are equal, both are important and very much alive.« The cover criticizes the tendency to see digital and analog as opposites: The future is not digital or analog, only here and now! 




The content


Clever°Franke (NLD)

Kolja Linowitzki (GER)

Mind Design (NLD)

Random International (GBR)

Offscreen Magazine (GER)

Thomas Wirtz (GER)

Brendan Dawes (GBR)



Office Milano (ITA)

Casiegraphics (GER)

La Tortillería (MEX)

Lehel Kovács (HUN) 

Bond (FIN)

George Tscherny (USA)

cover design: Autobahn (NLD)

paper: Tauro

print finishing: Magic Flash, fotosensitive Farbe von Printcolor

silk screen printing: Stainer Schriften & Siebdruck

Offset print: F&W Druck- und Mediencenter GmbH