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novum cover 09 2016 photography

A photographic journey


There is so much wonderful photography around, unfortunately as a graphic design magazine we can rarely show it. In our September issue however we took a closer look. We present product and landscape photography, artistic projects as well as a photographic reportage from a war zone. In our showroom section we show fine graphic design from Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands and our cover is also well worth taking a second look. 



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It could be a riverbed or the landscape of another planet. This month’s cover of novum makes you wonder and shows how fascinating photographs can be. There are many more interesting projects to be discovered in our novum + section: very graphic architectural photos by Nick Frank or the magical scenarios of Christian Tagliavini. Joey L. accompanied guerrilla fighters in Syria and Iraq and Nicholas Cope – who also shot the picture on the cover – creates wonderful product photographs. 


In our Showroom we present designers from Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. From very reduced graphics to colourful 3D illustrations there is much to discover. The cover was printed on a brand new paper (Peydur Corn by Peyer) and the photo is being enhanced by printing with a 5th colour.   



Sandrine & Michael (GBR)

Nick Frank (GER)

Joey L. (CAN)

Julieanne Kost (USA)

Christian Tagliavini (SWI)

Guda Koster (NDL)

Nicholas Cope (USA)



Open Work (NLD)

Riccardo Guasco (ITA)

Rosali Thomas (GER)

Independent-Verlage (GER),

Rizon Parein (BEL)

Cover photograph: Nicholas Alan Cope and Dustin Edward Arnold,

Paper: Peydur corn, 270 g/qm von Peyer
Print finishing: multi-colour printing with 5 colours
Offset printing: F&W Druck- und Mediencenter GmbH