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Posters are omnipresent, like no other medium. Because they are found everywhere we go – in public spaces. And they are loud, unconventional and courageous. The August issue of novum, dedicated to posters, features a panoply of unusual production techniques, strong concepts and first-class creativity. The cover interprets quite literally the multi-layered nature of this medium, while the irregular structure of Card Highline E21 (by Fedrigoni) is suitably reminiscent of paste residues.


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For the latest issue of novum, dedicated to poster design, we set out to find examples of excellence in this large-format medium. Peter Gyllan went to the Biennale in Brno for us and Marta Almeida conducted an insightful interview with Carol Wells, Director of the Center for the Study of Political Graphics. In Switzerland Dafi Kühne plays around with old printing machines, producing hand-printed originals with much ingenuity and creativity. Then there’s Poster Rex who went on a wild screenprint roadshow. These are just some of the highlights in store for you this month.


Our international poster show covers the many and diverse themes and directions in this XXL communication medium.

In the Showroom section, too, there’s much to discover: 2Shy of France skilfully combines graffiti art with graphic design, while Gino Bud Hoiting’s charming illustration style enhances shops and editorial design projects alike. In Sheffield, at Lyon&Lyon, they develop brand identities with a strong, clear character, while Mind Design in London tell us about their dedication to quality design and the fine art of printing.


But there’s more: Silvia Lerch looks at rainbow printing and Felix Scheinberger explains why chance plays an important role in illustration. Andreas Koop muses why right-wing parties like the colour combination red-blue and shows how this choice can be interpreted. Wonderful type samples books are waiting for you to enjoy in our Focus Typography section, and a new comic series teaches us to be afraid ....

The cover

A magazine cover, too, must in a way be a kind of poster, even though it’s not as prominent in public places as its big brother. Berlin-based designer Sven Lindhorst-Emme solved the problem by interpreting a further quality of posters on the cover. In public spaces they are visible, but often pasted over or torn down. They are quite literally therefore a multi-layered medium. And so the novum cover opens up a view of what went before.


As befits the theme this month, the paper chosen for the cover was Card Highline E21 Silk in Premium White from Fedrigioni. This high-quality chrome-sulphate card is available in a range of embossed finishes, but our choice fell on an irregular structure that is reminiscent of the uneven surfaces onto which posters are attached, or the paste residues that are also a familiar feature. The typographically clear design, given added radiance by two spot colours, thus combines with the paper to create a harmonious whole.


In this issue, we feature the following articles: 



Biennale Brno (CZE)

Gabriel Benderski (URY)

Peter Bankov (RUS)

Center for the Study of Political Graphics (USA)

Footb-all Mix

Poster Rex (GER)

Geray Gencer (TUR)

Vincent Perrottet (FRA)

Dafi Kühne (SWI)




Lyon&Lyon (GBR)

Gino Bud Hoiting (NLD)

Mind Design (GBR)


The cover

Design: Sven Lindhorst-Emme

Paper: Card Highline E21 Silk, Premium White, 400 gsm from Fedrigioni

Offset Printing: f&w

Photos: Guillaume Sinopoli