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Like in the good old times …


The days when we could take part in events without a qualm seem a long time ago. We don’t know yet when arts and culture, networking and partying will all be back to normal, but in novum this month we celebrate that vibrant time before social distancing and Zoom parties.

The novum+ section looks at the wealth of »festivals & events« that took place before the lockdown or were in planning. There's something for everybody: from Norwegian children’s literature to jazz concerts in the Swiss town of Willisau, and an international conference on mental health in Antwerp. In adition we report on an event that has achieved near cult status although it never actually took place: the Fyre Festival. Also waiting for you to enjoy: outstanding posters, innovative websites and clever advertising — plus a cover that more than does justice to the theme, decorated with wonderful hand-lettering by Rosa Kammermeier.


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Literature, jazz or film festivals – events, often stretching over several days, that fans eagerly look forward to and enjoy as a shared passion. In the novum+ section this month it is therefore particularly nice to explore the theme of events and festivals, at a time when so many have been cancelled as part of the restrictions imposed by the battle against Covid-19. Instead of feeling sad, just enjoy the nostalgia for those carefree times.

We present established classics like the jazz festival in Willisau, an event not only initiated by the legendary graphic designer Niklaus Troxler but also benefiting from outstanding posters by him. Then we take you to Norway where the »God natt, Oslo« literature festival offers a platform for independent publishers – with an unusual visual identity provided by Anti. In Denmark we visit the Roskilde Festival, inspired by the legendary Woodstock Festival. In Augsburg the Brecht Festival makes a big splash, with promotion materials reminiscent of pulp fiction and old penny dreadfuls. US-American graphic designer Oren Aks was art director in the planning of the infamous Fyre Festival – in an interview he reports on what it feels like to be part of a massive flop and pick yourself up afterwards.

In the Showroom section Stefano Rovai and Susanna Weber talk about the high status of design in their home country of Italy. Studio G31 of Düsseldorf recalls a real »door-opener« of a project they had very early on and the success that can come from putting all your chips on one design card. With designer Ester Bianchi, by contrast, it´s all about expression and impact – she juggles with colour and forms, and sees herself more as a generalist. Diversity is the strength of the team at klein.laut in the heart of Regensburg: As well as being a successful agency, this outfit also runs a small kiosk. Just how that all works is explained by founder Florian Rottke in an interview.

Apart from all this, our editor-in-chief sat – at least digitally – on the jury of the European Design Awards, which this year should have taken place in the Greek capital, Athens. She reports how technology made it all work, and on the designs that attracted particular attention from the jury. Without giving the game away, what we can say is that novum had quite a good nose for the winning designs…

The cover

Lettering artist and illustrator Rosa Kammermeier, who designed our latest cover, says festival and concert posters are her favourite projects. »Perhaps because I also play music and feel particularly inspired by this kind of commission.« Sadly, this season all her performances were cancelled, and that of course also reduced the number of poster jobs she received. »But why aren´t there any analogue posters for all those digital live streams?«, she asked. Good question! We at least are happy and proud that she has filled this design gap, for our novum+ section on »festivals & events«. Her design works superbly on Vivus Grass Print Paper from Berberich.

This paper is FSC-certified and food-safe, so it´s suitable for not only magazine covers but all productions where environmental considerations are important – envelopes and flyers, packaging, folding cartons and fruit trays. We loved the substantial feel and rustic look of the paper and of course the delightful concept by Rosa Kammermeier – and hope you are also equally charmed. 

Der Inhalt


ED Awards
Rovai Weber
Ester Bianchi


Red & Grey / International Literature Festival Dublin
Niklaus Troxler / Jazz Festival Willisau
Ontwerpwerk / Mind the mind now
Anti / God natt, Oslo
Shop Talk / Rock the Farm
Overtone / Grimfest
Wiegand von Hartmann / Jewish Chamber Orchestra Munich
KW Neun / Brechtfestival
Oren Aks / Fyre Festival



Paper: Vivus Grass Print, 300 gsm by Berberich
Cover Design: Rosa Kammermeier (GER)
Photography: Christine Fischer und Tobias Holzmann