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Party time – novum is celebrating its 95th birthday! And for such an illustrious anniversary, we have come up with a very special issue. Starting with the cover: we asked six famous designers to create cover motifs for us. And there´s lots more inside to discover.


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Over the last 95 years novum and its predecessor, Gebrauchsgraphik, have written design history. The many thousands of covers produced during that time document this role very impressively. For this anniversary issue, we asked six different designers to create a new title motif using these covers as a source of inspiration. The results, presented in a sophisticated double cover, reflect the design of past decades in interesting interpretations by contemporary designers.

novum´s covers over the past 95 years are a fascinating visual journey through time – of course not all were brilliant, but many are quite enchanting, even today. And they all show how design has developed over the decades, how it incorporated social trends and how it has been influenced by technology. Hansje van Halem, Fons Hickmann, Mirko Ilić and the Yarza Twins, plus Holger Windfuhr and the designers from Q, have re-interpreted some of those old cover designs for our anniversary edition cover. Their creations show very clearly that good design is not a question of time or technology, but of mastery of the craft.

The wonderful re-interpretations by these designers can be found in our latest issue, along with the background to and inspiration for these designs. As well as offering a glimpse into our own archives, we also bring you stories of others celebrating anniversaries. For example, the car brands Bentley, Citroen and Mini, the Jungle Book, 125 this year, Thonet, the designer furniture label, which has now been going for 200 years, and the Woodstock Festival, still partying at 50. Come with us on this journey back in time through the decades.

The cover

In trying to build a bridge between past and present, we thought it important to be a little more restrained with the front cover. Our choice of paper fell on Zanpack silk from Zanders, which is discreet, adaptable yet perfect for different finishes – so we did succumb to including a few visual highlights for you. Printers Thieme punched the cover for us and skilfully produced the finish using a multicolour-effect hot foil from foilco, which lends interesting accents depending on the way the light falls.

Hot-foil stamping, punching and six different cover designs – this issue was a real challenge for production, but we think it was worth it. After all, a magazine is only 95 once!

The content


Lookin back: 95 years of novum

The design of the Olympic Games in Munich

Ludwig Hohlwein celebrating his 145. birthday

Design in the GDR

100 years of retail in Germany

The Town Musicians of Bremen turn 200

The Djungle Books – a classic turns 100

DC and Marvel Comics – a logo history

From Tchichold to Woodstock – let's celebrate

Bentley, Citroen and Mini – car brands are celebrating

Thonet turns 200

80 years of adidas

Seidensticker: a shirt turns 100

Plexiglas: a material with future


Hansje van Halem (NLD)


Fons Hickmann (GER)

Mirko Ilic (USA)

Yarza Twins (GBR)

Holger Windfuhr (GER)

Cover: Hansje van Halem, Q, Fons Hickmann, Mirko Ilic, Yarza Twins, Holger Windfuhr

Paper: Zanpack silk, 300 g/qm von Zanders

Offset printing and foil stamping: Druckerei Thieme

Foil: Folico

Kliche: Dreyer Kliche

Stamping tool: Kocher-Beck

Photography: Tobias Holzmann (GER) and Janina Engel


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