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novum 07.16

Typographic jewels


What ist type design all about? Can letters raise emotions? Is it difficult to produce a wooden alphabet and how can one surprise with typography? These are just a few of the questions our novum + Typography deals with. Of course readers can also expect to find a lot of interesting projects from all around the world in our July issue, as well as great editorial design, young talents, book reviews and much more …

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novum 07.16

Emotions and minimalism

Martin Majoor from the Netherlands managed to design 5 internationally acclaimed typefaces and talks about his philosophy. Sarah Hyndman examines how type can raise emotions, fascinating type illustrations are made by Sawdust and Michael Wörgötter carved an alphabet out of wood. 

These and many other fascinating projects can be found in novum 07.16 with a focus on typography.  



novum 07.16

In our Showroom section we invite you to discover design studios from Germany and Portugal and we present the winner of this year's poster award 100 Beste Plakate. This month's cover shows a minimalistic typographic illustration by Bureau Hardy Seiler. The particularly smooth recycling paper Creative Print by Geese lends the cover a nice sensory touch. 

There is a lot to discover. 



novum 07.16


Martin Majoor (NDL)
Sarah Hyndman
Carolina Laudon
Michael Wörgötter (GER)
Typefacts (GER)
Citype (NLD)
Willerstorfer Font Foundry (AUT)


Bureau Hardy Seiler (GER)
R2 design (POR)
ADDA Studio (GER)
JAC-Gestaltung (GER)
100 beste Plakate e.V.

Cover design: Bureau Hardy Seiler (GER)

novum 07.16
novum 07.16