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novum 06.16 Cover verschiedene Papiere

Be colorful


»Colour is a power which directly influences the soul«, said Wassily Kandinsky an we couldn’t agree more. Colour is also the main topic of the novum+ section of our June issue and there is a lot to discover. Above that we present great design from Norway, Croatia, France, Spain, Switzerland and Germany – join us on a visual excursion through Europe. 

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novum 06.16 Cover verschiedene Papiere

Simple, but to the point

To illustrate the main topic of this issue we used a layered binding with shortened pages. This way we were able to display a greater variety of colours – eight altogether. There are two colour combinations so the readers can chose from one of versions of the cover.



novum 06.16 Cover verschiedene Papiere



Leatrice Eiseman (USA)

Chromapost (USA)

The Allotment (GBR)

Anagrama (MEX)

Lilkudley (CZE)

Grosz Co. Lab (AUS)

Sebastian Haupt (GER)



M8 (NOR)


Kuna Zlatica (CRO)

Twopots (ESP)

Joasia Fidler-Wieruszewska (GER)

Enzed (SUI)

Cover design: Dominic Brighton (GER)

novum 06.16 Cover verschiedene Papiere