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No planet B in sight


Heaven knows we have enough trouble at the moment, but it does seem as if Corona has drastically reduced global CO2 emissions. So what will it be like when the pandemic is over and the economy is back on track? Will we just blithely carry on consuming, flying and producing waste in the same way as before?

In this new issue of novum, our theme is »sustainability«. We present lots of ideas and concepts that offer a sensible way of saving resources. And indeed the cover of novum 05.20 has been produced according to the Blue Angel environmental standard. Designed by studio B.O.B. the motif interprets this theme with a good dose of black humour, and the fold-out cover shows that eco does not have to be synonymous with boring.


novum 05.20 is also available for 9.99 euros as PDF

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There is no Planet B, despite the way mankind behaves. Increasingly, however, people are looking for alternative ways of doing things. Eco doesn’t have to be dull – as demonstrated by the cover of this issue, produced to the Blue Angel environmental standard. We pulled out all the stops! Fold-out sections back and front give the theme of »sustainability« the space it deserves, and leave plenty of scope for illustrations which also point out, with black humour, that there really is no Planet B …

In the novum+ section we present lots of ideas and concepts that offer a sensible way of saving resources. For example, how do you combine business interests with environmental protection? The Icarus Complex Magazine shows how, with thought-provoking content presented in an innovative editorial design, and in Finland a new compostable material is being produced that can replace plastic.


Of course in printing, too, and when commissioning print products, you can save resources in an intelligent way. As an agency, you can adopt a sustainable approach, and as a designer, you can even go into politics yourself. There are many roads to achieving the same goal, we have selected a few exciting concepts to present to you.

The Cover

For the cover of the May issue we teamed up with Druckhaus Berlin-Mitte to find a way of producing a really striking cover in an eco-friendly way. So, it was printed on the recycling paper RecyStar from Inapa, in line with the Blue Angel environmental standard. And in the production of the cover, with fold-out front and back, bookbinders Reinhart & Wasser did a superb job.

The illustrations by design studio B.O.B. show in a charming but ironic way, that there really is no Planet B. A cut-out section on the cover allows a glimpse of the future. The designers explain: »We designed this cover to highlight just how absurd all those things are that we are doing to our planet, and to urge us all to fight to protect it. We need to make this planet into the best place to live, not pin our hopes on some mythical Planet B.«

The content

Alice Twemlow (NDL)
Ilya Naumoff (FRA)
Designstudio B.O.B. (GER)
Houdbaar (NDL)
Ulysses (ISL)
Astrid Pfannenstiel (GER)
Icarus Complex Magazine (POR)
Low Water (AUT)
Sulapac (FIN)
Mario Drechsler (GER)
Imprimerie du Marais (FRA)
Florian Pfeffer (GER)
Isometric Studio (USA)
HW. Design (GER)

The cover
Paper: RecyStar Polar, white, 300 gsm by Inapa
Offset printing to the Blue Angel environmental standard: Druckhaus Berlin-Mitte
Fold-out binding: Reinhart & Wasser
Design: Designstudio B.O.B. (GER)
Photography: Tobias Holzmann