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Graphic haute couture


In our May issue we enter into a sector that thrives on change like perhaps none other: fashion. The designs that are presented in autumn for the following spring are already passé come the fashion shows in January. The points of contact with graphic design are often more sustainable, but no less interesting: How do fashion labels present themselves in terms of graphic design? How do you capture fashion models in drawings? And: What’s the best way to update a traditional brand?


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We went on the trail and discovered some tremendous CIs behind the catwalks, as it were. For example, we have an interview with the gifted fashion illustrator David Downton, whose portfolio contains a string of illustrious names from Chanel to Valentino, and from Harper’s Bazaar to Vogue. He gives us an insider´s view and also passes on some advice to the next generation of fashion illustrators.

In our Showrooms you can look forward to an exciting and international mix of creative talent: Stefano Marro delights with his magical illustrations that rekindle the spirit of Italian futurism. By contrast, the posters and editorial designs of Sven Lindhorst-Emme impress with precision minimalism. A little pop is here, too, in the work of Portuguese designer Marta Veludo, whose creative home is now Amsterdam. We drop in on Manuel Kreuzer who turns out some amazing things from his small studio … with or without a commission. And then there’s Neu – Designbüro – meaning »new«. The innovative approaches seen here confirm the old adage »nomen est omen«.

With this month’s brand story, we revel in being a child again – Schuco’s model vehicles still delight boys and girls of all ages. We also have some exciting paper projects of our own for you: Eberl Print treated its customers to a clever construction, surprising them not only with delightfully scented content, but also and above all with the presentation. One other thing we were keen to share with you – the ever-growing area of foil applications in fashion. A particularly beautiful project by Kurz for this year’s MCBW delighted us all. Herbert Lechner is here, too, reporting on his visit to the German offices of Laurence Publishing in Berlin, which offers a very select programme.

The cover

Our search for New Talents Berlin continues this month: This time Felix Wiesner visited Lucas Doerre und Marius Sperlich, who under the name of Vater Lin Miro are experimenting with all the digital and analogue diversity in graphic design in combination with an artistic slant. The cover for this issue of novum, designed by the two creatives, reflects this appetite for different dimensions and design possibilities.

As the plan was to use different finishes, the material had to meet a number of criteria: We finally found the ideal solution in the high-white paper MetsäBoard Prime FBB Bright. This allowed precision embossing and gave a good clean result in hot-foil finishing. This card is also good because of its lightweight design that spells cost-efficiency and sustainability. What you see on the 280 gsm cover is a sculpture created in several embossing stages and then treated to full-page hot-foil finishing – Frank Denninghoff from the Forum Prägefolien Veredelung put all his expertise into this classy creation.

In combination with the mysterious sculpture, the reflective surface (in which the reader can see his/her own reflection) visualises precisely that which fashion is: A seductive envelope. Note the mirror is not homogeneous – its shimmering pattern hints at the transformation that fashion can bring. The two creatives Lucas Doerre and Marius Sperlich opted for »Neon Seamless« from Kurz, that generates fascinating effects. Such transformational properties are indeed comparable with fashion: It, too, can play with colour and contrasts, change surfaces and enliven them, conjure up a new me and create a particular radiance. On top of this, there is of course always a hint of poetry – an art form that seems delicate but is nevertheless powerful…



Donkey (GER)

Studio Small (GBR)

032c (GER)

Design Unit (DEN)

Lotta Nieminen (USA)

Design Ranch (USA)

David Downton (GBR)



Sven Lindhorst-Emme (GER)

Stefano Marra (ITA)

Marta Veludo (NLD)

Neu Designbüro (GER)

Manuel Kreuzer (GER)

New Talents Berlin: Vater Lin Miro (GER)


Cover: Vater Lin Miro (GER)

Paper: MetsäBoard (Prime FBB Bright)

Photos: Tobias Holzmann

Offset-Print: f&w Druck- und Mediencenter

Hot foil: Leonhard Kurz

Foil finishes and embossing: Forum Prägefolien Veredelung