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Excellent typography


The March issue of novum is all about typography: Custom fonts for corporates, quirky creations such as »Typeknitting«, an interview with one of the best contemporary typographers Akira Kobayashi and a kinetic typeface – an exciting line-up for you to explore. In the Showroom section we have expressive illustrations from France, powerful corporate designs from Italy and clever packaging from Brazil – a creative journey of inspiration around the world.


novum 03.19 is also available as a PDF for €8.99

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When it comes to choice of paper, our novum+ made it very easy for this issue: The finest typography always looks good, so long as the printer really knows his craft. For our glowing highlights, part of a fantastic artwork by Typejockeys that bring light into this winter month, we selected a bright-white recycling paper.


Typography is ever popular – and never before have there been so many fonts available. What more could we possibly want? We talked about this to Akira Kobayashi, Type Director at Monotype, discussing trends and developments, the weird and the wonderful. We also cast an eye over the new IBM typeface, present a kinetic font, typographic book covers from Anne Jordan and even have a font that helps the forgetful. Creative typesmiths Dinamo shared their latest coups with us and a purely typographical CI from Ragged Edge amazed us all. This and many more typography features in novum+.


The Showroom section is as diverse as it is colourful. French illustrator Aleia Roux delights us with her imaginative worlds and Elefante Project injects a bit of Brazilian fire. The portfolio of nju:communicazione is bursting with inspiration – we bring you the highlights and take a look behind the scenes. We also explore the philosophy behind Studio Build … and of course feature examples of their outstanding work. Last but not least, we present the winners of this year’s poster competition for Kieler Woche – Daniel Wiesmann surprises us with brand new design approaches and ideas.

The cover


The common view that recycling paper is a dirty grey colour and therefore boring has now long since been proven false. Our cover is a clear example of the superb printability of the premium recycling papers now on offer. RecyStar, from Papyrus, is a good example: Available with an uncoated matt finish in 70 to 300 gsm, it’s perfect for flyers and direct mailings as well as cards, notepads, posters, magazines and envelopes.

To ensure perfect production of this purely typographical design from Typejockeys (Vienna), we relied on the skills of Beisner Druck and the global manufacturer of metallic, scratch-off and fluorescent inks, radior.

Alexia Roux (FRA)
Elefante Project (BRA)
nju:comunicazione (ITA)
Studio Build (GBR)
Daniel Wiesmann (GER)

Akira Kobayashi (GER)
Ragged Edge (GBR)
Dinamo (SWI)
Etaoin Shrdlu Studio (ITA)
Anne Jordan (USA)
Kintetic Typeface (GBR)
SansForgetica (GBR)
Typeknitting (SWI)


Design / handlettering: Typejockeys

Paper: RecyStar, hochweiß, 300 g/qm (Papyrus)
Cover print: Beisner Druck
Colours: radior
Photos: Tobias Holzmann