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Cover novum 02.20

A cheers to good design


A few years ago a well known trend researcher predicted that people would live ever more healthy lives in future and therefore would soon no longer be consuming alcohol. Well, that last bit hasn´t happened yet, it seems. Thankfully, say we, because the theme of »bars & drinks« has provided us not only with a very attractive novum+ this month, it has also delivered a wonderfully tipsy cover motif.


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novum Cover 02.20

Bars can have a somewhat mysterious air – think of those gloomy downtown dives with sinister characters in dark corners, out-of-the-way pubs where people slowly get to know each other, and nameless hotel bars where you never know what might happen next. Abject loneliness or clandestine affairs – novels are full of descriptions of people in bars.

novum Inhaltsseite 02.20

To gather inspiration for the cover motif of this issue, Janina Engel delved into the world of bars and put down her observations on paper, in the form of charming doodles. In our novum+ theme on »bars & drinks« we serve up some wonderful interior design concepts and visual identities to raise the spirits. Whether it´s a pub in Munich, a stylish bar in Sydney, a devilish vermouth from Mallorca or a premium sake from Japan, the projects in our novum+ showcase the spectrum of design in hospitality and drinks. Good design, precise communication and a promise of a good time – what can be better than that?


In the showroom of this issue, we present the elegant appearances of Cansu Merdamert from London, as well as the colorful and powerful designs by Valeria Crociata from Italy. At Spine Studio in Copenhagen, contemporary book design is redefined and in the small Hungarian studio Nur you design with passion for customers all over the world. Last but not least, Ark Visual gives you a taste of what Israeli design currently has to offer – as always, there is a lot to discover.

novum Cover 02.20

The cover

No, you are not seeing double. We've produced the cover of this issue in two colour variants. We used Majestic paper from Papyrus Germany in the colours of Kings Blue and Casino Gold, and we finished them with the new trend foils from Kurz in the shades of Signal Orange and Combo Green. The hot foil stamping was done by Gräfe Druckveredlung.

novum Cover 02.20



Cansu Merdamert
Spine Studio
Studio NUR
Valeria Crociata

Ark Visual



The Bar Brand People


Capo Capo



Darling Studio

Schwarzer Dackel



Paper: Majestic Classic, Casino Gold and Kings Blue, 290 g/qm by Papyrus Deutschland

Foil: Luxor, Signal Orange and Combo Green by Kurz
Hot foil embossing: Gräfe Druckveredelung
Design: Janina Engel (AUT/USA)
Photos: Janina Engel and Tobias Holzmann

novum Cover 02.20