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As our finale for the year, we are once again treating our readers to a haptic experience of design for all the senses: In cooperation with Clormann Design, Egger Druck, G.F Smith, Römerturm, Leissing Druckveredelung and Kurz, we have come up with a truly multi-layered cover that can be experienced interactively and which turns this issue into a three-dimensional object.


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In terms of content the spotlight in our novum+ is on sophisticated solutions. We talked to the Spanish packaging specialists Lavernia & Cienfuegos and the British agency Kingdom & Sparrow. We tracked down a vineyard in Italy that has opted for impressive packaging for its produce. And we find out how Francesc Moret has turned the simple pizza box into an aesthetic experience.

For our Showroom section, Niels Schrader interviewed Foundland, or rather the two designers – one from Egypt and one from the Netherlands – who have teamed up under this name to develop multimedia projects on controversial social themes. Como Design draws us back to Spain again and Bureau Mitte from South Tyrol charms us with their clever creations.

This year’s Prize Christmas Draw is a real treasure trove: We present gift ideas to delight designers – from a museum pass to stylish storage boxes. With a bit of luck, you could even win one to put under your Christmas tree. See inside for details on how to take part.

In his popular column Felix Scheinberger draws parallels this month between drawing and cooking, while Andreas Koop explores the “ghosts” that are moving into our living rooms more and more. And we find out whether clients have a right to open digital data on his commission – in an article by lawyer Andrijana Kojic.

The cover

The term multisensorics is on everybody’s lips – and this issue of novum presents a shining example of how to appeal to as many senses as possible. Marc Clormann and his international multi-award-winning studio is behind the design of this Russian-doll-like cover.

What you have here is like a set of five nesting dolls, each symbolising one or several senses. Supported by different finishes, implemented by Egger Druck, a specialist in high-quality print productions, this cover is an interactive experience that develops finally into a three-dimensional object. The basis for this amazingly complex and high-tech cover, which also involved hand-craft production techniques, is offered by Colorplan from G.F Smith (sales: Römerturm). The colour chosen was the world’s most popular colour: Marrs Green. This shade was identified in an online survey and named after Annie Marrs, a UNESCO employee from Dundee, who had selected precisely this colour.

Foto: G.F Smith / Colorplan

The finishing

As well as the punching, our »Russian-dolls« also feature four special colours, embossing, scented varnish and innovative stamping foils from Kurz which lend both a haptic and a visual dimension. We used the charming »Colambo Text & Cover« paper (Römerturm): The silk-matte surface was the perfect 250 gsm sparring partner for the different finishes…. after all each of the five protagonists are themselves highly individual. In particular the diverse hot-foil stamping foils from Kurz were able to demonstrate their real potential here – an attractive light copper (Luxor MTC 355) vies here wonderfully with a diffractive foil (LightLine SB Neon Seamless) for attention.


Kingdom & Sparrow (GBR)
Arithmetics (CAN)
Lavernia & Cienfuegos (ESP)
Francesc Moret (ESP)
Landerproject (ITA)
Zoo (MEX)

Como Design (ESP)
Bureau Mitte (ITA)
101 (AUT)
Foundland (EGY / SAR)
Neue Typgraphie, Teil VII


Fotos: Tobias Holzmann


Die Beteiligten
Konzept und Design: Clormann Design
Druck und Veredelung: EGGER Druck + Medien
Heißfolienprägung: LEISSING Druckveredlung
Heißfolien: KURZ
Umschlagpapier: Colorplan Marrs Green, G.F Smith, Römerturm
Matrjoschka-Papier: Colambo Text & Cover, Römerturm
Druck Innenteil: f&w Druck & Mediencenter