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Creative Paper


Our November issue plays with perception: Is it embossed or some kind of optical illusion? A brand new way of dealing with hot foil stamping is the secret behind this visual trick – conjuring up a 3D impression for the eyes this respresents an exciting new addition to the print toolkit. And it´s a perfect introduction to our focus theme this month: creative paper!


novum 11.18 is also available as a PDF for € 8.99. 

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A trick of the eye


When the first samples of Trustseal SFX arrived in our editorial office we were immediately enthusiastic – the optical illusion of a 3D element is simply fascinating and it shows once more that we have by no means explored all the possibilities of print.

This is amply demonstrated in the world tour that we take you on in this issue focusing on »Creative Paper«: Intricate design work from the Czech Republic, elegance from France and a touch of the experimental from Brazil, as well as haptic support for a luxury brand from Austria and quality business papers from Taiwan! Laser-cutting, pop-up elements, fine papers and a cornucopia of print finishes, plus lot of creative sensitivity – all await discovery in this month’s novum. We also bring you an interview with print specialist Frank Denninghoff (Gräfe Druckveredelung), who reveals the latest trends and possibilities in finishing.


The Showroom section in novum 11.18 is also packed with interest: To start with there’s an interview with Peter Mussfeldt, who emigrated from Germany to Ecuador many years ago and is now regarded there as a pioneer of design. Then we look behind the scenes at the much talked about studio APFEL in London and, in conversation with the Spanish bureau Esiete, we learn that design agencies can have a very different philosophy. Another designer who very much does things his own way is Victor Balko – his editorial design projects were an immediate hit with us here at novum.

The cover


A few years ago Studio produced a cover for us that caused a real stir with its thermosensitive surface – an image of a sunbather turned red when the cover was exposed to UV light (novum 08.13). For the art work for this November’s cover, the team from Hamburg created a graphic-geometric solution to really do justice to and highlight the special hot foil technique and it’s 3D effect. Twopoints: »›Form is the body of colour – colour is the soul of form‹ – so wrote graphic designer and artist Karl Gerstner, who died last year. We owe a great debt of thanks to Gerstner. His approach to design problems has had a strong influence on us. For this cover of novum we captured the soul of autumn in a flexible visual system. The form system comes from investigations carried out for a book about the design of flexible visual systems that we are currently working on.«


Available in the colours gold and silver, you can do quite a lot with »Trustseal SFX«, the latest development from Kurz. But one or two key points must be observed. All of them are explained in this current issue of novum. As for the material – the choice is wide: As ever, for hot foil stamping smooth, coated papers are good, ones that support a sharp printed image.
In the range from Munken (available from: Papyrus) we came across Munken Pure (300 g/qm) in cream white, a variant with a natural surface that is neither extremely smooth nor extremely rough – it has a pleasant feel and the foil contrasts well with it. The whole series of these design papers is available in a wide range of grammages (from 80 to 400 g/qm), and in 1.13 to 1.3 volume. The product family encompasses Kristall, Polar, Lynx and Pure, in colours from brilliant white to high and natural white, as well as cream white – each in a smooth or rougher surface. For stiffer weights there are four papers in »rough« quality, with 1.4 volume and a distinctive surface feel.

Davilla (AUT)
Sion Hsu (TWN)
Aline HD (FRA)
Greco Design (BRA)
Porigami (CZE)
Trends in print finishing (Gräfe Druckveredelung)
Makerie Studio (GBR)

Peter Mussfeldt (ECU)
Victor Balko (GER)
Here Design (GBR)
Esiete (ESP)

Papier: Munken Pure, Cremeweiß, 300 g/qm von Papyrus
Offset-Druck: f&w
Heißfolie: Kurz
Heißfolienprägung: Gräfe Druckveredelung
Fotos: Tobias Holzmann