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Fit for the future


Tourism, commuter traffic, leisure activities, business travel – few sectors have been so avidly talked about, fought over and sorely missed over past months as mobility, both private and public. For the first time society has asked itself: »What good is freedom when we can´t move around unhindered, plan trips and just generally be out and about living our lives?«
We took this opportunity to explore in this new issue not only design concepts for conventional means of transport such as planes, cars and bicycles, but also to interview studios and designers who are re-interpreting and re-designing the theme of mobility, and making it fit for the future.


novum 10.20 is also available for 9.99 euros as PDF

To buy the printed issue, please visit our shop

To buy the printed issue, please visit our Shop

Visionary ideas, innovative concepts

For example, our editor-in-chief, Christine Moosmann, talked to the Dutch studio Clever°Franke which specialises in data visualisation, a tool that can have a key impact on improving traffic flows and urban planning. And Corinna Natter, creative director at BMW Mini LIving and responsible for spatial designs for the future, explains in an interview some of the ideas that are being considered in the automotive sector at the moment. Tom Hegen, whose work you saw on the cover of our recent issue on photography, made his »Lockdown Series« available to us, in which he portrays airports where all the planes are grounded. Bratus, a Vietnamese agency, told us about their highly apt corporate identity for the aviation supplier Incentex, and Carlo Ratti Associati, an Italian design studio, set out its visionary idea of turning old shipping containers into mobile, provisional intensive care units for Covid-19 patients, in an open-source initiative.

In the Showroom section we present the creative female duo Works Services of Seoul, which in its highly diverse creations, combines Korean design traditions with brightly coloured design elements. Our correspondent Susanne Schaller went to visit the designer Carlotta Origoni, a specialist in silk-screen printing – and produced a studio portrait on this versatile creative. In this issue you can also get to know the Dutch graphic designer Lex Reitsma, who, as a documentary film maker, portrays design greats such as Wim Crouwel. And finally, we take you to Belgium where the agency Oilinwater develops sensational projects.

The cover

»Finding a motif on such a broad-ranging subject as mobility it not so easy,« admits our art director Tobias Holzmann, who accepted the challenge of designing the cover this month. »After all it covers so many things – from a rocket to a bicycle, and even a stamp on a letter!« And so his design reflects many different directions. It seemed appropriate to make use of the many and varied symbols, signs and graphic designs that we encounter in day-to-day transport, or in long-distance travel. He even sought inspiration in the design of the signs and runway markings at airports.

In producing this cover we decided to do something we have been wanting to do for a long time – and, in cooperation with printers Stainer, we have printed this design in screenprint on a rough machine-grey card from Igepa. And the result is, we think, a wonderful contrast of glowing citron yellow and cool grey.

In this way the cover takes up visually the many differences, conflicts even, in themes that we are confronted with daily: proximity and distance, technical progress and a return to nature, tradition and innovation.

We hope you enjoy the read – and that this issue will also set some wheels in motion in your own heads!

The content

novum+ mobility

Bike Space
Mini Living
Tom Hegen
NASA / Standards Manual
Cura Pods
Thijs Verbeek


Lex Reitsma
Works Services
Carlotta Origoni




Paper: Machine gray cardboard, 300g/qm (Leipa)

Distribution: Igepa (Artikelnummer 704370)

Screen printing: Stainer Schriften & Siebdruck

Cover design: Tobias Holzmann