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All-round delight


The Oktoberfest in Munich is not normally relevant to the design world, but in this issue of novum it serves as a wonderful source of inspiration for the cover, which is quite literally an all-round delight. On a standard recycling card we used different hot-foil stampings, adding micro-embossing for stylish accent. A total of four different colour variants was produced, finished with two foils in silver and gold and a gold spot colour – the wrap-around motif comes from the Munich design agency Milch+Honig.

Other great projects that exploit the possibilities of paper, print and finishing can be found in our novum+ and Showroom sections. There you can enjoy first-class design from France, Hungary, Norway and the Netherlands, as well as eight pages of prize-winning posters from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


novum 10.19 is also available as a PDF for €9.99

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Paper & Print

Multisensorics is a big theme at the moment in marketing and communication. After all, we human beings don´t just see, we can also feel, hear and smell. Things that appeal to us on several levels are therefore perceived more intensively, we feel them to be more positive and we remember them for longer.

Unusually designed print products can achieve this sustained effect. In the novum+ section this month we bring you lots of exciting examples, such as intelligently conceived packaging, illustrations with hand-made charm and campaigns that attract attention through high-quality finishes. Also there´s lots to discover about recycling papers, beautiful books and sophisticated CIs.

In the Showroom section Dutch designer Gilles de Brock explains how coding can boost creativity. Treize Grammes from France takes an opposite line, building charming settings by hand, and Kind from Norway impresses with visual identities that combine emotions with Nordic minimalism. Patrick Rössler presents graphic design treasures from the Bauhaus era, the Hungarian design agency Classmate shows how designers collaborate across different countries and still manage to maintain a coherent line in terms of design. Last, but not least, we interviewed Anette Lenz, jury member of the competition »100 Best Posters — Germany, Austria, Switzerland«, about trends and the meaning of posters today.



The cover

Why just one cover, when you can have a variety? Embracing this idea, the October issue of novum appears in four different colours and was embossed with two different hot foils and a gold spot colour. For the first time we also used micro-embossing, a technique that enables very fine details to be worked into the embossing die. Often this technique is used in protection against forgery, but as you see from our cover, it is also a great way to create intriguing optical accents.

On the wrap-around cover we used five embossing dies in different sizes, made by MSP Prägetechnik. As both larger areas and also fine details were embossed, it was necessary to do extensive testing to produce the best results with foils (Kurz) and paper (RecyCard from Papyrus Deutschland). The embossing itself also required great skill and sensitivity and that was delivered superbly by August Conzelmann AG.

The design on the cover comes from Milch+Honig, and, as a design bureau based in Munich, for the October issue the subject foremost in many people´s minds here is the Oktoberfest. As the designers at Milch+Honig have extensive experience with high-end print products, the finishing technique, the paper and the design were all expertly coordinated to produce a beautiful and successful result.

And, as masters of all that, Milch+Honig went one step further: with micro-embossing to integrate hidden messages. Working with the motion agency Paul Bewegt, they also concealed one or two things in the cover of novum – digitally, you understand. Using augmented reality parts of the cover can be brought to life – you can see this via an app on your smartphone or tablet.


Gilles de Brock
Treize grammes
100 Beste Plakate

Clormann Design
Recycling Papiere
Anna Niestroj
Editions Non Standard

Cover design: Milch+Honig
Paper: Papyrus Deutschland
Hot foil & micro embossing: August Conzelmann GmbH
Stamping die: MSP Prägetechnik
Foils: Kurz 

Offset: f&w Medien

Augmented Reality: Paul Bewegt

Photography: Janina Engel, Tobias Holzmann