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What will work be like in the future? How can we influence future developments? Where does our responsibility lie? Will we be living in the city or in the countryside? And are AI and AR a blessing or a curse? On the subject of the future, there are many pressing and interesting questions. We asked those questions for the September issue of novum. The answers are thought-provoking and inspirational.

The cover, too, opens up unusual new insights. The partially open spine reveals the stitching behind, and silk screen printing in silver and neon green adds contrast to the luxurious grey paper.


novum 09.18 is also available as a PDF for € 8.99.  

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Today everything happens very quickly, and it has to. Ideas are sought and found instantly – on Instagram. Information comes from Google. But some things are too important to be dealt with quickly. Like, for example, what our future will look like.


In the latest issue of novum we have taken time to talk to creatives and researchers about how they see the future developing. The result is ten extended interviews in which we explore identity, new technologies, the question of how we want to live, work and design in the future, how we will be communicating, and not least the responsibility of the designer in all this. We guarantee you a thought-provoking and inspirational read.


This is not a fast read – but it will be very rewarding. So open up your mind to this unusual issue of novum – and the thought-provoking ideas, inspiration and possibilities contained in it.

When it comes to the future, one thing you can be sure of is that it won’t be like today. So for this issue of novum – focusing on the future – we also opted for another format. Instead of the usual structure of novum+ and Showroom, we bring you a series of thought-provoking interviews about the future. This time the inspiration comes not so much from images, but from ideas and visions.


Many aspects such as singularity, behaviour and artificial intelligence recur as a common thread throughout these interviews. And we have sought to reflect this in the thread-stitched binding. In the 94-year history of novum this is the first issue to have such a binding, and it is quite a special one. We used different neon threads such as are normally found in the textile industry. They give a very special note throughout the magazine and the quality of the binding underlines the high importance of this theme.



The cover

This, too, opens up unusual new insights. The partially open spine reveals the stitching behind, and the neon threads glow against the dark body of the magazine. For the paper we used Conqueror Cartridge in 300 gsm from Antalis which has a particularly fine grey tone.


The paper with its muted colour is intriguingly contrasted by the printing. Screen printing makes the colours stand out strongly and a bright neon green points the way auspiciously into an – admittedly somewhat psychedelic – future. A delicate silver and a spot colour add further accents. 


In this issue we feature the following articles:


Kilian Stauss – Quo vadis design?

Threatened Orders – Learning from history. Design: Ditho Design

SyPartners – Design for Humanity

Gesellschaft für Designgeschichte – A world of singularities

Officina Humana – The office of the future

Indeed Innovation – Human centred design

Sebastian Sadowski – Data visualisation 

Soderhavet – Branding Sweden

Packaging trends: merz punkt and Clormann Design

Universal Everything – Keep evolving



The cover

Design: Tobias Holzmann

Paper: Conqueror Cartridge in 300 gsm by Antalis

Silk screen printing: Stainer 

Stich binding with neon threads and Offset printing: f&w

Photos: Guillaume Sinopoli