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novum 08.16

Design processes


How do designers go about their work? »Design processes« is the topic of this month’s novum+ and we talked to designers from different fields of creation Stefan Sagmeister (online interview here), shared his insights as well as Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects and editorial designer Eberhard Wolf and the  Idea Blog – to mention just a few.

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novum 08.16

Our showroom section presents great projects by Studio BobNicklas Haslestad, and Joseph Veazey as well as Alberto Fiocco und Mucho.


The cover too is the result of a process: Studio Zwölf from Berlin took the task of designing a cover quite literally and turned our brief into a cover design. And Seismografics applied silk screen printing onto a great and unusual paper by Arjowiggins.



novum 08.16



Wiener Werkstätte (AUT)

Stefan Sagmeister (USA)

Designaffairs (GER)

Ippolito Fleitz Group (GER)

Idea Blog (GBR)

Eberhard Wolf (GER)



Mucho (ESP)

Joseph Veazey (USA)

Alberto Fiocco (ITA)

Nicklas Haslestad (NOR)

BOB Design (GBR & SUI)

Studio Zwölf (GER)

novum 08.16
novum 08.16