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The world through a lens


Photography generally plays only a minor role in a graphic design magazine like novum, so putting together this issue was all the more special. And because photography takes so many different forms, the novum+ section is particularly diverse. We present eclectic arrangements from New York, beautiful but disturbing aerial shots of Spain, a report on the endangered paradise of Florida, wonderful food photography and much more.The cover whets the appetite: Is it a graphic design or a photograph? Come with us on a journey of discovery around the world, one where you´ll find not only fascinating images but also lots of excellent design.


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In the novum+ section we immerse ourselves in the world of photography. Tom Hegen, for example, photographed salt pans from the air – one of his motifs was used on the cover of this issue. Constantin Tran captured images from boxing and the martial arts, »poetry in motion« is how he describes them. An endangered paradise is the focus in Anastasia Samoylova´s »FloodZone«, a project that shows the real Florida, away from the property boom and tourism. Sierra Nallo is equally at home taking photographs in rural Sierra Leone or at a Fashion Week. For her, every project must have its own signature.

All this and more awaits you in the novum+ section.

In the Showroom section, the Dutch type designer and software developer Just van Rossum explains how coding can enrich typography. And at Tapiro in Venice, they design with passion for the people of the lagoon city. Tilmann Steffen Wendelstein lives and works in Berlin and Tokyo – we talk to him about cultures, clients and his liking for tea and editorial design. Visual poetry is what Isidro Ferrer aims to create, and one glance at his wonderful posters shows just what he means. At Paperwhite, based in Graz, Chicago and New York, they produce tasty visual designs for restaurants and bars.

The cover

Pastel shades and delicate colour tones – at first you might think this motif is a painting done with quick, light brushstrokes. But look closer and you realise what´s depicted are actually salt pans, captured in aerial photographs by Tom Hegen. »I am interested in the relationship between man and nature,« says the photographer and his images certainly do invite us to contemplate the issues.

The motif is shown off to perfection on Mondi Pergraphica, a design paper that gives excellent reproduction of images and also boasts an extraordinary look & feel.



Just van Rossum (NLD)
Isidro Ferrer (ESP)
75w (GER)
Tapiro (ITA)
Paperwhite (AUT/USA)


Wade&Leta (USA)
Tom Hegen (GER)
Constantin Tran (GER)
Ana Samoylova (USA)
Johannes Bauer (GER)
Sierra Nallo (CAN)
Bernhard Lang (GER)
Graydon Herriott (CAN)



Paper: Mondi Pergraphica Classic Smooth, 300 gsm by Mondi
Cover photo: Tom Hegen (GER)
Photography: Tobias Holzmann