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Curtains up for set designers from all around the world. No matter if they are made out of paper or flowers or on the computer – we present set designs that are stunning and inspiring. On our cover you can see a brand new semi-transparent foil in two different colours. And the smooth fine paper Pergraphica lends a sensual touch to a beautiful art work by Jacob Reischel. In our showroom we take you on a journey to studios and designer in Austria, Italy, Mexico and the Netherlands as well the US.  


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Setting the scene

For sophisticated shootings or even the next Insta post – set design is a big thing. In our novum 06.19 we present creatives who specialise in this area and conjure up fantastic scenes using very different media. And of course in the Showroom section there are exciting studios and designers from all over the world to discover!

Peter Jaitner reports, for example, on the shooting star Sho Shibuya, who left his Japanese homeland in 2011 to settle in New York. When it comes to imaginative imagery Francesco Del Re is hard to beat – take a look at his unusual perspectives. We also have a report, by our correspondent Niels Schrader, on an exciting studio for interactive design: he visited RNDR and interviewed them about their very different approach. New technology is in focus also in the third part of our Bauhaus series – many exhibitions are using virtual reality, 360° videos and AR apps to recreate those early Bauhaus days. And, last but not least, we uncover many charming designs in the portfolio of the Austrian agency Kaleido – mainly analogue (but not only).

novum+: set design

Exciting sets can be designed and built using many means. The British creative Hattie Newman, for example, uses only paper to set the scene, while Doan Ly (Apbiodesigns) has discovered the magic of flowers. We also peek behind the scenes at the remarkable studio Akatre, talk to Jonathan Knowles about perfection and challenges, and present the working methods of Argentinean creative Ezequiel Pini alias Six N. Five. An international mix, and a visual and inspiring collection.

The cover

Set design aims to achieve a perfect interaction between arranged objects and light – and that is the thought behind the cover of this June issue of novum: An exciting design by Studio Jacob | Reischel was given another level here, by means of a semi-transparent foil to visualise light-setting.


A number of aspects make this interpretation so intriguing: First, we found Perigraphica Rough (Mondi) to be the perfect canvas – photographs in particular come out particularly well on this uncoated variety. For our cover we were also very curious to see how the embossing film Lumafin from Kurz would come out – it´s available in five colours. The shine-through effect offers great scope for designers, either as a flat space or incorporating finer elements. 


And, because the design by the two Berlin-based designers Marie Jacob and Julia Reischel also left plenty of scope, we did both a variant with pink foil and one with yellow foil. The resulting depth effect is amazing and it shows once more how much power print can generate when all the elements work perfectly together and enhance each other – design, paper, print and finish, all in harmony ...



Francesco Del Re (ITA)

Placeholder (USA)

Human (MEX)


Kaleido (AUT)



Akatre (FRA)

Apbiodesigns (USA)

J. K. Knowles (GBR)

Six N. Five (ARG)

Elisabetta Bongiorni (ITA)

Hattie Newman (GBR)

Vallée Duhamel (CAN)

Nicole Genoni (ITA)


Cover: Jacob | Reischel (GER)

Paper: Pergraphica Classic Rough, 300 gsm by Mondi

Foil embossing: Gräfe Druck

Foil: Lumafin by Kurz,

Photography: Tobias Holzmann (GER) and Janina Engel


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