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novum 07.17 magazine bikes hotfoil

On your bike!


»All about bikes!« That’s the topic of our new issue and we took a closer look at great design projects from all around the world. Beautiful bicycles, brilliant identities, whacky illustrations and great magazines – in this issue design and bike enthusiasts will get their money’s worth. Furthermore we present the winners of the poster contest »100 Beste Plakate«, our author Andreas Koop wonders about the design of Donald Trump’s new wall and we start a new series about »100 years of New Typography«. Our cover is well worth seeing too. A beautiful fine paper in combination with hot foil stamping makes it a real highlight.  


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Our cover not only ushers in the cycling season, it is also a tactile delight: The buildings in the city gleam quite beautifully on Gmund Heidi, a special fine paper from Papyrus. And the bike in the foreground stands ready to whisk you off on a tour, in this case of graphic design highlights… …

Bikes and design – a perfect match

In the cover artwork, the Munich design studio Melville sets the scene for the foca theme this month: »All of our employees come to work by bike. Are we bike nerds? Yes, we are! And we´ve always had bike projects in our portfolio. As bikers in the city it was clear to us that we would take an urban slant on the subject of cycling,« say the creatives.


And so we present Jaegher, an exclusive bicycle brand that also stands out for its exciting corporate design; we visit the editorial team of »Boneshaker«, a rather special kind of bike magazine; and explore with KMS the philosophy behind Canyon Bicycles, a label that has been extremely successful for years. There´s more: Gianluca Gimini proves with his project Velocipedia that it´s really not so easy to visualise the familiar; and from Firebelly we wanted to know how the CI for the bike-share system Divvy was developed. Last but not least, we also take a look at the charming posters of the annual »London Tweed Run«.

In our Showroom section, we present a selection from the 100 Best Posters from Germany, Austria and Switzerland 2016, first-class graphic design from Hochburg and strong conceptual work from the Swiss studio Feixen. The illustrations of Ale Giorgini are all tremendous eye-catchers and the Argentinean studio Asís delivers polished brand design.


Patrick Rössler gives us the benefit of his expertise in a new series on »New Typography«, as he takes us on a time journey through 100 years of functional graphic design in Germany.

Touch me!

All of which adds up to an exciting variety of design, reflected also in our cover with its own charming interplay of different effects: The tactile qualities of Gmund Heidi, used here in 330 gsm, provides a contrasting background for metallic hot foil in two different colours. »Creative, innovative and unique – these are the characteristics of hot foil stamping,« said Frank Denninghoff, chairman of a working group on hot foil stamping and a cooperation partner of novum. »Any product embellished with hot foil stamping sends a special message. Look here, it says. Touch me. Feel the difference. I am something special!«


And, we believe, the June issue of novum has indeed turned out to be something special…




Bowling (BEL)

Boneshaker Magazine (GBR)

Gianluca Gimini (ITA)

KMS Team (GER)

Bikevibe Magazine (NOR)

Firebelly Design (USA)

Tweed Run 



Studio Feixen (SWI)

100 Beste Plakate

Ale Giorgini (ITA)

Hochburg (GER)


The New Typography, part 1: 100 years of functional graphic design in Germany


Paper: Gmund Heidi in 330 gsm by Papyrus

Cover design: melville brand design 

Print finishing: hot foil stamping, Forum Prägefolien Veredelung

Offset printing: f&w Druck- und Mediencenter 

Photos: Dominic Brighton