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The weddings market is booming, so it was high time for us to turn our gaze on the many highly individual, unusual, sophisticated, graphically charming and sometimes quirky designs for weddings. Presented in this issue are solutions normally reserved for the wedding guests, or ones that your colleagues stash away in the drawer. In the Showroom section, too, we again have a creative world tour for you, with all kinds of exciting designs.


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Creative journey


In our showroom section we whisk you away to nomocreative in Taiwan, where tradition blends beautifully with modern design treatments. Our correspondent Niels Schrader went to visit the great creative Hansje van Halem in Amsterdam, a designer who favours strong typography in combination with almost psychedelic illustrations. Then there´s Perrine Honoré, giving us an insight into her colourful imagery, plus the Studio Eduardo Aires, well known for their visual identity for the city of Porto, but with many other remarkable works in their portfolio. With Murmure, we bring you one of the most exciting studios in France. All in all, a visual world tour with special highlights.

Design for weddings


There can’t be many designers who have not been asked by friends to design the printed materials for their wedding. In novum+ we show some enchanting, opulent, simple, charming, quirky and colourful designs for weddings, none of them “off the peg”. Normally this kind of work never gets included in the portfolio, which is why it is so exciting to take a peek at it now!

The cover


A type of paper with a pleasant feel and in an unusual colour, rich screenprinting in XXX (gold or silver) and a charming interpretation of the novum+ theme of “Designs for weddings” – admittedly, this is more of a creative ménage à trois than a classic marriage … but all the more intriguing because of it.

Sergio Membrillas’ illustrations, which are generally two-dimensional, always raise a smile – in bright, bold colours his images get straight to the core of the message, while also featuring plenty of details to enjoy. For our cover he turned away from the big colour palette and conjured up instead just outlines to capture strong feelings with a smile. The paper is from the Keaykolour range from Antalis, and appropriately the shade is called Rosebud, a highly individual and charming rosewood colour. This range includes 48 colours and so it was a tough choice for our cover, but the 300 gsm Rosebud won it. It was also an excellent base for screenprinting in a rich XXX, with a hint of romance, but not at all kitschy. Sergio Membrillas was more than happy with the combination of haptics and print finish. His outline drawings, by the way, are not a new departure for him – last year this creative published the delightful book »Summer in the city again« (32 pages, black and white, available for €10 from And now he has rang out the wedding bells for us, with a fairytale-like romance…


Nomocreative (TWN)
Bauhaus-Serie: Typografie und darüber hinaus
Perine Honoré (FRA)
Studio Eduardo Aires (POR)
Hansje van Halem (NLD)
Murmure (FRA)


Bureau Rabensteiner (AUT)
Astrid Prasetianti (FRA)
Tintenfuchs (AUT)
Ansichtssache (GER)
Lockstoff Design (GER)
Heiko Janden (GER)
Dyin Li (TWN)
Adrian Bauer (GER)
Sunda Studio (GER)
Miklos Kiss (HUN)
Hillz Design (CHI)
Sonja Bührke (GER)
Schneeweis/Wittmann (AUT)
Herr & Frau Rio (GER)



Art-Work: Sergio Membrillas (ESP)

Siebdruck: Stainer (AUT)

Papier: Keaykolour, Antalis

Fotos: Tobias Holzmann