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Phantastic design from Mexiko


»All that glisters is not gold«. That – we have to admit – is also true for our February issue. Nevertheless the effect is stunning. Bronzing is a nowadays rare and charming technique that turns your fingers golden and catches the light in a soft and glowing way. Our novum plus topic on the other hand is very up to date. We invite you to take a closer look at the amazing work of designers and studios from Mexico.

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novum 02.16

For our February issue we used an old technique called bronzing, nowadays it is hardly used any more and only a few printers remain, who still master the technique. The Swiss printer Wolfensberger is one of them.

Bronzing is certainly not advisable for some commercial applications, but it charms you when it turns your fingers golden and when the metallic particles catch the light in a soft and glowing way. 

Apfelzet from Berlin used this effect to design a cover for our February issue that combines elegant retro forms with quirky drawings. The motive fittingly illustrates our novum plus topic. This month we concentrated on the design scene of Mexico and presented a variety of studios and designers from this very prolific region. In our Showroom we took a look at Distil Studio in the UK, Ipek Eris in Istanbul and editorial designer Ryszard Bienert in Poland. 

novum 02.16

The content


Memo & Moi (MEX)

Poster Biennial Mexico (MEX)

Chapter (MEX)

Sabbath (MEX)

Savvy Studio (MEX)

Bienal (MEX)

Studio Menta (MEX)



Sophia Preußner (GER)

Distil Studio (GBR)

Ipek Eris (TUR)

Ryszard Bienert (POL)


Cover design:

Apfel Zet (GER),

novum 02.16