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Visual identities in all their facets


Visual identities from all over the world are the focus of this month’s novum+. For clients as diverse as festivals, craftsmen, cannabis products suppliers, or an international ceramic tile award. Explore visual identities in all their facets and international showroom articles on themes from poster design to illustration.


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Developing visual identities is an exciting process, and not infrequently it involves a lot of work persuading clients to venture in new directions. In the novum+ section of this issue we present a very broad spectrum of distinctive and eye-catching visual identities.

The multiple-award-winning visual identity for Theater Rotterdam by Vruchtvlees definitely grabbed our attention, and so, too, did the perfect storytelling in the CI for a Greek boutique hotel by the Luminous Design Group. Last year MRD, a German TV channel, also ventured a new look, with a very finely positioned and strongly conceptual design. Contrasting with this, we present a playful interpretation, for the Edelwise Festival (Das Buro), and a design for an electronics retailer (by Werner Design Werks) that really makes this business stand out from its competitors. In total eleven exciting projects are lined up here for you to explore and enjoy...

For our Showroom section we conducted an interview with the outstanding Swiss-school designer and typographer Erich Brechbühl, who has produced some remarkable posters. You can also discover Eva-Maria Offermann’s very conceptual approach to unconventional projects and designs. Plus, we look at how contemporary campaigns develop, in an article about the agency Wolf/Osmankovic, whose work includes the design for a successful election campaign by the Green Party. Also not to be missed is a dip into the portfolio of Casmic Lab, and the imaginative illustrations of Katinka Reinke. Altogether a rich collection of inspiration for a successful new year!

The cover

Whether it’s for a festival, a new brand or a woodworking business – visual identities all start with the proverbial blank canvas. To reflect this initially neutral surface, we chose for our cover a paper that is very elegant in appearance, but not overt; its charm lies in the interesting structure that lends an added haptic experience.

Zeta from Reflex is available in five colours and different weights, which makes it perfect for creating a good impression in both standard business applications and as packaging. It comes in a range of surface finishes – hammered, micro, matt, smooth or linen, each of these variants communicated in a very subtle way. The trouble-free processing and finishing of Zeta gives this paper added advantages as the perfect »blank canvas«.

Munich-based designer Christian Hundertmark (C100 Studio) used all these qualities to best effect in communicating our novum+ theme on this month´s cover.


Erich Brechbühl (SWI)
Katinka Reinke (GER)
Casmic Lab  (ESP)

Wolf/Osmankovic (GER)
Eva-Maria Offermann (GER)

Bruketa&Zinic&Grey (HRV)
Bob Design (GBR)
Vruchtvlees (NLD)
Das Buro (NLD)
Studio Yinsen (ESP)
Jens Nilsson (SWE)
Werner Design Werks (USA)
Blok Design (CAN)
Luminous Design Group (GRI)

Cover: Christian Hundertmark (c100 studio)
Paper: Reflex Pure (Zeta, 350 g/qm, Leinen, weiß)
Print: f&w Mediencenter
Photos: Miriam Zimmer, Tobias Holzmann