08.16design processes

How do designers go about their work? »Design processes« is the topic of this month’s novum+ and we talked to designers from different fields of creation. Stefan Sagmeister shared his insights as well as identity achitects Ippolito Fleitz and editorial designer Eberhard Wolf – to mention just a few. Our showroom section presents great projects by Studis BOB, Nicklas Haslestad and Joseph Veazey, as well as Alberto Fiocco and Mucho. The cover too is the result of a process, Studio Zwölf from Berlin took the task of designing a cover quite literally and Seismografiks applied silk screen printing on a great paper by Arjo Wiggins.

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making of novum 05/12

EIGA from Hamburg designed the Mai cover of novum and P.O.P. Werbeteam did a great printing job. Printed on Curious Metallics, matt finish and a double clear-coat finish turned this cover into something very special. Watch how...[more]

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